Microsoft does not consider it necessary to ask users about installing Windows 10 updates in 2020.

Microsoft made the decision to install service packs before the final build of 2004 and may 2020, bypassing the explicit consent of operating system users. This forced update is a prerequisite for maintaining technical support after 2020.


In order to determine which version or build of Windows is used on users ‘ computers, the company first began using an artificial intelligence system.

In other words, all previous versions that, according to Microsoft, do not meet the requirements of confidentiality, security, and software flaws in the operating system will be updated.


However, support for the Enterprise and Education versions (enterprise and education, 1890 and 1903) will continue until may 2021.

For other users, the support period will be limited to November (for versions 1890) and December 2020 (for versions 1903).

That is, those users who are critical of those updates that will eliminate newly discovered vulnerabilities and introduce new protection mechanisms against attacks will have to get a comprehensive update (in fact, just do not resist it – the Corporation will do everything itself)…


In General, such update options have been introduced regularly since 2015, when many users received the first comprehensive massive update in Windows 10, after which the company began to receive complaints about unauthorized updates to their systems (after an unexpected update from Windows 7 and 8 to version 10) – that is, for users, the system was installed independently, with automatic updates configured, completely without additional user participation.

Therefore, since the system is configured to automatically launch update files when downloading updates, version 10 installation files were downloaded and started automatically… Consequence: by agreeing to install patches (for example, to fix any vulnerabilities), the user automatically inadvertently gave their consent to upgrade to Windows 10…


Of course, Microsoft later admitted that the automatic update system was incorrectly configured to automatically start installing a different operating system.

By the way, the build from may 2020 is also not a model of stability. It initially revealed many shortcomings related to both network protocols (with the security level at the obvious expense of functionality) – in particular, such as, for example, the inability to connect more than one Bluetooth device and others (as soon as the manual WiFi connection after coming out of sleep mode).

There were failures and incorrect operation of some video drivers, after the promotion of the new driver packaging system in the system – there were artifacts in the form of longitudinal and transverse lines, on the part of the printing subsystem-unstable operation of printers and scanners connected via USB ports was detected.


All these bugs were treated with a simple reboot of the system – that is, there is, on the one hand, the company’s work in the direction of optimizing the use of RAM, on the other-a few raw results, however, regularly corrected by updates.

Microsoft and TikTok-amid trump’s statements, negotiations are underway.

“Bloomberg” and “new York times” through their sources provided information about the conduct of “Microsoft” negotiations on the acquisition of the Chinese video application “Tik-Tok”.


“Tik-Tok” has long been under attack from many governments, including in the United States, where President Donald trump recently announced plans to ban the use of this video application in the country.

The essence of criticism from the trump administration is problems with national security, the privacy of underage users, and the possibility of the Chinese government’s influence on the owners of the app.


And, although TikTok is not a public company, some bytedance investors value TikTok at about $ 50 billion, and The Times at $ 100 billion.


In the light of all this information, as well as the strategy that all The bigtech giants have followed in the past six months, it is not surprising that such news as the negotiations on the proposed purchase of Microsoft, which, like other similar companies, has long developed special operating conditions for itself, has its own views on international legislation, and in some surprising way receives a “green light” in the financial difficulties of competitors or absorbed companies.

Apple makes its users ‘ iOS dreams come true… – concepts from Android

Apple has finally given iOS users the opportunity to become full participants in testing beta versions of new releases of operating systems for smartphones and tablets.

Currently available for testing iOS14.

There was also a parallel not so much with the interface, but with the features and functions that have long been implemented in Android, namely:

The ability to place widgets in any place (page) on the desktop (and not in a specialized menu);

The ability to place two widgets in the menu (in iOS13 and previous ones – strictly one in a row);

“Picture in picture” video viewing Mode (although there is no official Youtube app yet, but this is easily fixed by viewing via Safari);

Due attention to user privacy (notifying the user about the use of a microphone, camera, access to the device’s memory, including the clipboard);

Changes in incoming call notification mode (now the call notification does not interrupt what You are doing at the moment);

In Siri: now works as a large icon at the bottom of the screen;

Sound Recognition: for people with impaired hearing and music lovers who prefer to listen to music at high volume;

The Only new app – “Translation” (similar to “Google Translate” – it is available for translation from 11 languages, dictation and insertion of copied parts of texts from other applications, the ability to work offline).

What is the result? Undoubtedly, Apple has pleased its fans with the expected changes.

WordPress security review 2020

One of the most popular content management systems is WordPress.

Why? – easy to operate, there are thousands of themes and plugins, you can create any site. It is not surprising that with such a set of advantages, WordPress “lives” in 35 % of all sites on the Network.

But the popularity of WordPress pays for those who often come to the attention of hackers.

That is, the main focus when using – the protection of your WordPress site; and no matter, it is a personal blog business site.

If we talk about WordPress security, users are usually divided into those who take security seriously and take all necessary measures, and those who rely on the case…

To understand the situation, we recommend sometimes going to the Internet statistics page, where you can see the number of sites hacked daily.


So that your site doesn’t end up in this list:

  1. Choose a hosting company with security features

The first step to protecting your WordPress site is to invest in a hosting company that implements proper security features. This includes support for the latest versions of PHP, Apache and MySQL, firewall and constant security monitoring; backup and scanning by antivirus programs and measures to block DDOS.

The hosting company is the first barrier to the site, and the additional costs will definitely pay off.

  1. Strong passwords
  2. Select a user name other than the default
  3. Create a member or editor account to work on the site.
  4. Configure the backup plugin
  5. Replace the address of the admin area (admin panel)
  6. Protect your computer (server)
  7. Change the database prefix of the site
  8. Check the access levels to .htaccess and wp-config.php
  9. Check and change the file access rights.
  10. Preferably-two-factor authentication
  11. Disable XML-RPC for mobile systems
  12. enable the mandatory use of HTTPS and SSL
  13. Disable editing themes and plugins via the control panel
  14. Change the security keys
  15. To disable error reporting in WordPress
  16. Delete or change the WordPress version number
  17. Implement security headers
  18. Select the time interval for the inactive user to log out of the session

WordPress is a powerful system that makes it easy to create a website, and if you follow our advice , you will be on your way to creating a secure site.