A new game service from Microsoft has been launched

In connection with the upcoming release on the market in November 2020, Microsoft Corporation launches its new cloud service Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


Since at this time it is also planned to start selling Xbox Series S and X game consoles, such a step to open a cloud gaming service, according to the Corporation, should significantly increase Microsoft’s competitiveness in the confrontation with Sony’s consoles.


Most importantly, to participate in games for Xbox consoles in the new mode, you do not even need to purchase the console itself.


The fact is that, in addition to Xbox consoles, the Game Pass Ultimate service will support the game on devices with the Android operating system with the appropriate game controller, as well as on personal computers.

Access to the service will be available in the beta version of the service in 22 countries and will allow you to play more than 150 games (starting from Sea of Thieves, Gears 5 and many others) at a cost of $ 14.99 per month, and the initial first month of subscription will cost only $ 1.

For the full operation of such a high-load service as a cloud gaming system, it will require, of course, a high bandwidth Internet connection for users.


Microsoft has tried to optimize these requirements as much as possible and reduce them to the lowest possible level, including signing contracts with Internet service providers to get the most reliable connection between players and data centers of the Microsoft Azure cloud system.



In November, Microsoft Xbox series s and x consoles go on sale. The presence of a cloud gaming service should help them compete with Sony PlayStation consoles.


Sony has long launched a similar service, PlayStation Now, but, unlike the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it does not support mobile devices.

Who is taking advantage of the Fortnite situation?

Recently, various background information around the Epic Games and Fortnite, became interesting for the attention of cyber communities facts – who and how is trying to use the warmed-up audience to their advantage – and, strangely, all versions have as their object under the pretext lighten the wallets of the naive audience. Some plan to do this right now, and others-to convince that the constant overpayment of several tens of percent is for their own good…

Eset, an information security company, for example, has received data about phishing in order to collect credit card lairs using the Fortnite brand.


The main page of the phishing site has a list of 150 addresses associated with Fortnite. They fuel interest and offer an advantage in Fortnite: unlock weapons, virtual currency (V-bucks), and the like. When the user selects a game item, it is redirected to a different address (for entering email and password). There is a possibility that this is the way to access your accounts.


When you select a list of items of interest, a simulated connection to the server is started and the entered data is displayed. Such actions lull the user’s critical attention and create a realistic effect of authenticity and legitimacy of what is happening.


And that’s not all! Next, information authentication is started: it is redirected to a page where you enter the name, zip code of the post office, and information about the Bank card that is supposed to be used to pay for services. The victim also receives a message that the site does not have a license to distribute content in certain countries, for which they need additional billing information. All this looks extremely convincing, even a notification is displayed on the monitor that no operations will be performed with the card.


Such sites, however, are safely indexed by search engines and links to them are distributed in social networks and forums.


And this applies not only to the above example: brands of popular games are increasingly used for phishing. A similar campaign was also used for users of Marvel Contest of Champions.

Phishing tools are constantly being improved, and the degree of their visual reliability is extremely high.it is almost impossible to distinguish many such sites (created for the collection and misuse of personal data) from the real ones at first glance.


Therefore, comprehensive information security solutions with mandatory anti-phishing modules are mandatory for everyone! For those who are afraid of data collection everywhere – at least plugins with anti-phishing for portable versions of private browsers…



The second use of the situation around Fornite – of course, by the whales of the IT industry-is Apple.


Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google appeared in a hearing before the US House of representatives in late July as part of an antitrust investigation. The main claim is around the App Store… For many years, developers have complained about Apple: a high Commission of 30% and strict requirements in the payment system for internal purchases.

In defense of the App Store, however, the company presented some arguments that could explain the company’s policy – but instead things got complicated…

That is, a joint study by Apple and Analysis Group, which compared the Commission of the App Store and others, clearly showed that 30% is standard practice in Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Samsung Galaxy Store and Microsoft Store…


In game stores, the situation is similar, with the exception of the progressive scale for the number of users on Steam and the 12% rate of Epic Games.

Of course, the conclusions and legal assessment in this situation should not be made by users, but by professional lawyers; here a conscious choice of services is an independent choice and you will not be able to shift responsibility for it.

New games-with and without protection.

By degree of relevance:


  1. the game Crusader Kings 3 was deliberately released by developers without DRM protection — it even works multiplayer…


Paradox Interactive, releasing its strategy Crusader Kings 3, from the first minutes attracted the attention of several thousand gamers who subscribed to the game page in the CrackWatch service… But they were expected to be very disappointed-the developers refused to protect the game in any way.




In the discussion, it was reported that when you log in to your Paradox account, including on an illegal copy, you can start multiplayer.


As for the popularity of the game-the Steam version is in a record position for online – in the first few hours, 100 thousand people came to Crusader Kings 3. This is the 5th place in the Steam online rating.


In addition, Crusader Kings 3 received 91/100 on Metacritic. This is their third game in 2020 to get an average score of more than 90. The strategy is also already available as part of the Xbox Game Pass.


  1. the game Iron Harvest was successfully hacked on the day of release-September 1.


The CrackWatch website published information about the hacking of the dieselpunk strategy Iron Harvest-taking into account the fact that at that time the game was released only a few hours ago…

The events take place in an alternate history of the First world war, where Polania, Saxony and Rusvet are fighting. Single-player campaign – 20 missions, multiplayer mode-PvP battles and cooperative fights.

Published the first ratings — on Metacritic, the game scored a rating of 77 points (8 reviews). OpenCritic also has a score of 77 (12 reviews). Steam rating-73% of participants recommend this project. The game is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


  1. Wasteland 3-also hacked on the release date-August 28.


The game was protected only by Steam-DRM-such a protection component as Denuvo did not have to be bypassed.

Those who played Wasteland 3 are very happy – previous errors of previous versions of the game were taken into account and one of the most authentic role-playing games in the category was obtained. If you get rid of the remaining technical flaws – there is an opportunity to become the best RPG of the year.


And finally:

 On August 25, 2020, CODEX hackers broke into Project CARS 3 3 days before the release. The races were protected by Steam-DRM…

“Great” reset cheaters-GTA Online deprived dishonest players all game currency and dishonestly obtained property.

Apparently, everyone is thoroughly fed up with cheaters – their manner of behaving in cyberspace from the position of having exploits for purchasing in-game currency finally upset the company Rockstar, which cleared GTA Online of such “players” at the end of August.




Several tens of thousands were” reset” (!!!) accounts – the company’s developers brought out of the shadow economy, the enormous wealth of exploit exploiters…


For example, the glitch of buying an apartment or garage made it possible to get millions of game dollars in half an hour or less. The effectiveness of this approach, which clearly violates the principles of game equality and the agreement with the company itself – which, as usual, no one carefully read) – forced the game’s publisher (Take-Two Interactive) to contact YouTube to delete videos demonstrating the process, which was immediately done.


As a result, players who used the exploit were informed when they entered the game that their accounts were reset to zero – money, all previous achievements, character levels, cars, houses, apartments, any property – even clothing – were reset to zero.

They lost not only the dishonestly “earned” money – but also everything else, even if it was honestly earned in the past for completed missions.

And then it started:)))


Thousands of angry posts about the removal of the game, outbursts of rage and helpless anger-how, they just considered themselves the smartest, so low in the eyes of the surrounding gaming community… Of course, megalomania is only the reverse of an inferiority complex, but when it is done so harshly – breaking the pattern does not allow for an adequate response from most players who are not aware of the moral and ethical side of their behavior, no one wants to be responsible for their actions, all require special conditions – a continuous circus. However, there is a positive point: you can immediately filter out adequate players who calmly accepted the situation and started again…


That is, GTA Online blocked the famous glitches of earning money. However, since then, users have found new opportunities to farm currency using the game’s exploits.


Of course, honest players could have been caught up in such a wave. But this is another story – if they have suffered, then let them blame the cheaters and write letters to the game’s publisher…

Pre-registration for the purchase of PlayStation 5: what it looks like.

Sony has started registering applicants for the purchase of PlayStation 5 game consoles.

You will be able to register to pre-order one of the first next-generation consoles from a limited batch.


“There will be a limited number of PS5 consoles available for pre – order, so we will be inviting some of our existing consumers to be one of the first to pre-order one of the PlayStation,” Sony said on its new registration site.




“Pre-orders are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so as soon as you receive an email invitation, we recommend that you follow the instructions and act quickly.”


In other words, you will need a PlayStation Online ID to register. Sony requires that the email address be associated with this PSN ID – since this is how they will contact those deemed worthy of a place in the pre-order line-and you will need a location in the US, and the address to send is there.


The number and time for purchase will be limited for those who are invited to register for the order. you will be offered to purchase one PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition, as well as up to two DualSense wireless controllers and up to two DualSense charging stations. They will also be able to buy up to two Pulse 3D wireless headsets, up to two Media remotes, and up to two HD cameras.


It is not yet clear. one PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition, as well as up to two DualSense wireless controllers and up to two DualSense charging stations. They will also be able to buy up to two Pulse 3D wireless headsets, up to two Media remotes, and up to two HD cameras.


It is not yet clear what criteria Sony will use when selecting applicants for a purchase from among those who have registered – but it is known that the invitation will be sent to selected applicants via the email address specified during registration.


In addition, the final price and the date of the promotion itself remain a secret for this time.

Battle of bigtech giants-Microsoft and Apple-first round. Preposition-Epic Games…

Since August 13, 2020, the heated controversy that arose as a result of a long-standing contradiction in the policy of such giants as Apple and Google in relation to software developers has not subsided.

The financial foundations of these corporations are based on basic principles, which are the constant collection of 10 to 30% of all payments from digital products sold in their stores.

Of course, no one disputes the fact of their merits in the organization and investment in the development of their operating systems. But at the same time, we should not lose sight of the fact that many startups with minimal profitability and unique offers on the market due to this policy can not get proper development, that is, there is a stagnation of development.

Of course, those applications that take off on the wave of HYIP to the skies – like the same Tik-Tok – are rather exceptions, only confirming the rule.


Microsoft, amid negotiations to acquire the same Tik-Tok, saw Apple’s claims and threats to remove Epic Games ‘ Fornite game from the Apple store as a violation of its direct economic interests: the Unreal Engine will have difficulties in distribution – here the paths intersect with Apple – one of Microsoft’s projects works just on its basis.

Discord in such large companies will definitely upend the basic foundations of the mobile app distribution industry and change the foundations of the existence of the iOS and Android software ecosystems…

At this time, Microsoft has come out in support of Epic Games, and has threatened to sue Apple if the Epic Games account is removed from the App Store. The lawsuit against Google, which also blocked the Epic Games account indefinitely, has not yet been discussed.

Microsoft came out not only to protect its interests – representatives of the company spoke publicly, saying that not only the owners of Fornite, but also many other companies associated with the game engine will suffer.

Epic Games is not only a developer – it is working on its own game engine Unreal Engine, which in 2020 has already Reached the fifth generation and is considered one of the most popular in the world. Many games have been created on its basis, including the company Turn 10 Studios, which created the Forza Street car simulator, which was released for Apple iOS and Google Android in 2020. The publisher is Xbox Game Studios, a” daughter ” of Microsoft.

But Apple is not limited to the confrontation with Fornite and its paid features… Now the company is starting to struggle with the features that developers provide to users for free!

It all started with WordPress: on August 21, the founder of the project (Matt Mullenweg) announced that the update of the WordPress application was blocked, which allowed users to create sites for free directly from the screen of their mobile device… The reason for the block was the lack of paid plugins in the app – after adding them, the account was unblocked.

And now-attention-the continuation of the story with WordPress! – on August 23, Apple withdrew its requirement, but the developers have already made changes…


The popularity of WordPress, which, according to various estimates, runs up to a third of the Internet – of course, is already beyond direct claims – is already an attempt to restore some, apparently, their own corporate order in the world of IT…

“Fortnite” is out of virtuality: Epic Games developer’s battle with Google and Apple…

After offering to pay in the game Fortnite in its own payment system, first Apple, and then Google removed the ability to both download and update from their stores…


The launch and direct offer to pay directly, bypassing the Commission of the IT giants, which is 30%, in fact, was a Declaration of war.

Application developers from all over the world have repeatedly raised the issue of this Commission over the past few years, considering it unfair – as in the end, many startups do not go to launch, and existing applications eventually get their mark-up out of the pocket of users, which negatively affects the ability to continue supporting and updating.


At this time, the official reason for removing the game from stores is “violation of payment rules”. That is, the monopolists believe that their rule, according to which they are entitled to 30% of the sale of any goods.

At the same time, since August 13, 2020, the company “Epic Games” has presented users of its game with the opportunity to pay on its own platform – “Epic direct payment”, offering for those chips that are purchased inside the already purchased game-with a discount of up to 20%…

Neither Apple nor Google hesitated for a long time – the shutdown was very quick – how, direct financial interests were not even affected, but the pillars of the payment regulations…

The mouthpiece of the reaction was “Reuters”, which published a comment” Apple”, which refers to the launch of its own payment system by” Epic Games “with the” clear intention to violate the guidelines of the App Store”, which”create a level playing field for all developers and make the store safe for all users.”

So, hiding behind the mask of imaginary security, this secret of polichinel-protecting their financial interests at the expense of both developers of applications for their own operating systems and devices-will continue to advance. How long will users continue to believe such statements? Is it really that bad?

By the way, Samsung has saved the game in its store. And, further, for information – “Fortnite” – shareware game. Nuance: using the game currency (V-bucks – “virtual bucks”), you can buy additional options in the game. “V-bucks” are freely purchased using a Bank card or “PayPal”.

Thus, when you enter “Fortnite” discounts on “V-bucks” up to 20% – on PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, the new price is applied automatically.


Of course, in response to the reaction of removing the game, Epic Games sued both companies with charges of violating antitrust laws (presumably with the wording about abuse of rights in a dominant position in the market).


Interesting facts:


– In 2018, Fortnite collected the largest revenue in the history of computer games in the world – $2.4 billion;

– In 2019, the winner of the Fortnite World Cup, an American teenager, received $3 million.

Microsoft introduced new generation of Xbox

The Xbox Series X could be a breakthrough gaming device. Microsoft’s Velocity system improves the console’s performance, taking its capabilities to the next level of development…

Functionally, Velocity Architecture is a set of technologies from Microsoft designed to optimize data exchange in the Xbox Series X buses with the exception of” bottlenecks “- that is, on the principle of”the squadron moves at the speed of the slowest ship”.

The Velocity Architecture complex has four parts: SSD, hardware decompression of information, a new API for working with data on SSD, and a system for intelligent loading of textures in RAM.

According to Microsoft, a set of measures to optimize the device will allow developers a greater degree of freedom, also when generating projects with volume-detailed worlds.

It is expected that the loading screens will disappear and the instant moving system will be really instantaneous.

The full list of changes is available on the official Microsoft blog.

In addition to hardware changes, the company intends to make the release of some games (for example, STALKER 2) an exclusive of the new Xbox Series X and Windows 10, as well as stop supporting some older versions of games (you can also see the list of updated so far in the official blog on the device).