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News from Norton:


Amid a slew of mining software bugs, developers at Norton Life Lock, the successor company to the former Symantec Corporation, unveiled a cryptocurrency-mining solution built into antivirus. The move was dictated by the need to protect antivirus users from malware-mining programs. This new feature is now called Norton Crypto.



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That is, when you turn on Norton Crypto with the help of the antivirus module, the computer’s video card will start mining cryptocurrency. The fact is that when various miners are installed on users’ computers, there is often at best a heuristic, and at worst a system antivirus triggers a suspicious behavior or a virus actually found in the database.


More details:


At this time, the Norton developers have not yet provided all the details of the mining implementation. However, judging by the available information, most likely, a pool will be organized. The fact is that now Ethereum mining is difficult enough to mine alone. That is, to optimize solo mining, a pool is clearly preferable.





It is likely that the company will be able to charge some token fee for its pooling services. Thus, Norton will guarantee the safety of its users.



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In addition, we should not forget about the fact that cryptocurrency mining can be evaluated in terms of the law in different countries. That is, from complete freedom and absence of any regulation to draconian bans on even owning cryptocurrency.


We can give the example that in the U.S. it is a taxable income, which entails the obligation to include it in the income tax return. And in India this year, for some reason, they decided to gradually move away from the circulation of cryptocurrency. And smoothly pursue a policy of completely getting rid of cryptocurrencies…


In China at the moment, the situation is paradoxical and complicated in this respect. On the one hand, the government is trying to introduce its own digital currency. On the other hand, it controls the consumption of electricity for mining and the miners themselves. So there is no policy on this yet.


Bottom line:


Of course, such an additional service from Norton developers as mining in antivirus is a good solution. Not so much from a security point of view, but more from a marketing point of view. Nowadays, the competition in anti-virus solutions from different companies is quite high. And such a bonus as a connection to a protected pool is very interesting.


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