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What is the interest of companies in serverless computing:


Serverless computing has been able to triple its turnover in the last year. Of course – serverless computing, as such. It’s just that they are not tied to a specific physical server. But this approach allows for a more rational allocation of resource consumption – both computers and network bandwidth.


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Statistics on the use of serverless systems indicate that many companies are extremely interested in operating them. In addition, related services such as VPS or Cloud, for example, are also generating interest in related lines of work.




In detail:


Research has been done that has covered the entire serverless computing market. That is, it didn’t just include servers. This includes hosting, applications, and distributed computing.


That is, almost all companies have seen a dramatic increase in the call for functions of such computing. That is, companies are striving, first and foremost, to meet the response requirements for computing on remote computers.


Data have shown that such calculations have become popular with developers as well. They have recently begun to actively incorporate serverless computing features into their code.


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This is done at all levels of the latest developments to reduce the response time in the implementation of functions. In addition, systems such as APIs and clustered VPSs, as opposed to dedicated servers, are also gaining momentum.




In view of the new technical requirements that progress has placed on networks, reducing response time latency is critical. That is, we are now looking at a halving of response time from an average of 120 milliseconds in just one year.



That’s a great result. That is, without such results and further prospects, technologies such as 5G cannot develop without serverless infrastructures, either.


In addition, cluster computing systems will optimize the workload of server capacity. In other words, all those prospects for global change that have long been long overdue in our society are quite likely to depend on serverless computing.


Edge computing:


That portion of the working equipment of the new cellular networks that is now experiencing peak loads is fully allocated resources when serverless infrastructures are in place.


Bottom line:


The growth and development of such technologies is not only potentially important. Many other technologies are also related to minimal-response systems. Apparently, this trend will continue for a long time to come.


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