API is the center of attraction of the masses in modern networking technologies:


The use of API is becoming more and more important every year in all spheres of IT technology development. It has long been hard to imagine how the networking world did without such things…




Who else is interested in it:


Of course, cybercriminals of all ranks can’t ignore such widely sought-after technology. Attacks on the API and, accordingly, the risks of use in various systems are invariably growing.


Entire foundations have already been created to prevent possible security breaches. In addition, artificial intelligence has recently been increasingly used for development in secure use. It also – of course – requires real-time monitoring. And, of course, all this cannot do without arrays of accumulated data on the subject.




The current state of API technology:


The main characteristic of any technology running on a network – no matter what – is traffic. Fluctuations in the amount of data transmitted are not always strictly unambiguous. The fact is that there is a difference in the net amount of data transmitted. And it is constantly growing both per contact and total volume.




If there is a tendency to increase the volume of data of a single transfer (for example, user or device authentication), it should be understood that the volume is constantly growing. At the same time, technology is now moving towards distributing API requests per process (program) or even per process component.



So, with statistics on the growth of API traffic by 380% over the last year, it’s impossible to say exactly how much the number of single requests has grown. Nevertheless, indirectly the growth is calculated to be at least 130%…




With such impressive growth in the volume of technology use and traffic, of course, more and more serious capacity will be needed to protect it. That is, given plans to use APIs in program processes, with sufficient growth in speed and network bandwidth – this becomes critical for software interaction and system protection.


In conclusion:


If you consider all the impending global perspectives on networking technology, the API has a very important place there. And the development of its protection and a sufficient level of privacy – have already waited for their investors. That is, investment in the protection development industry is already in the hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars.


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