ARM is launching Armv9 technology:


In the latest developments presented, ARM’s chips, as well as their GPUs, the company anticipates integrating into new Android as part of its Armv9 architecture over the next year.




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ARM’s flagship processors-including the Cortex (X2 and A710, as well as the Mali-g710 graphics processors-use the Armv9 architecture. In other words, for the current decade, this is really ARM’s breakthrough technology.


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Of course, most users are unlikely to fully understand what this means. And it’s by no means their fault. Marketing tricks by companies have accustomed them to ignoring many of the advertised aspects and technical parameters.




In very short, the essence of the breakthrough in ARM technology at the moment is energy efficiency. That is, the right combination of high-performance processor cores with energy-saving ones. Of course, power saving cores give a much more modest result in terms of performance.


However, the total effect from the use of such technology, taking into account the different load on the processor cores depending on the type of task is objectively superior.



Presented in this direction 3 new chips show how balanced power consumption can improve the energy efficiency and at the same time the performance of devices.




Interestingly, Qualcomm also part ially uses ARM’s core power sharing technology. What is noteworthy, the same flagship variant from Samsung, namely Exynos 2100 – is similar. Only it also uses Mali-G78, that is, the graphics subsystem from ARM on Android.


About the graphics:


Also offered to the market and three graphics chips of the new modification. They are the Mali series – G710, G510 and G310. They are distributed according to the composition of performance and power efficiency. That is, for example, the flagship variant G710 gives an increase in performance and energy efficiency. The ratio is 20% to 20%.




Bottom line:


The goal of ARM’s expansion and self-releasing chips is to empower devices. That is to eliminate the natural corporate limitations. Namely, those that companies using ARM technology in their products impose on their end products.


It is not a secret that many companies underestimate the performance of their devices for marketing purposes. Suffice it to recall the proven facts in court in relation to Apple.


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