The growth of the global online security market:


As the global security market has recently been growth at a rate of 5 to 10% per year in various sectors, this trend is sure to continue. Due to a qualitative change in technology – remote networking is stabilizing and new risks are emerging. This is especially true for complex hybrid cloud security.




What this has to do with:


Of course, the shift to corporate remote working in many areas. Many employers have tasted the beauty of lower office costs – rent, travel and the like. And so are in no hurry, even with the reduction or removal of restrictions to reintroduce a full-time office for their employees. By the way, it often suits them, too. This way, especially in metropolitan areas, they save a lot of time that they used to spend commuting to and from work.


Increased risks:


Of course, cybercriminals have not ignored all these factors. That is, all those technologies, which enabled good quality remote work and market growth, are under scrutiny.




And these are: RDP protocol, VPN connections – that is critical services used by almost all companies. Including – and other members of the infrastructure of network connections – these are routers and routers.


Organization of secure access:


Currently gaining popularity are those companies that undertake the organization of secure access to corporate networks. That is, secure access brokers are able to provide network control functions. It is especially important considering the fact that non-computer devices are now used in business processes as well. And that also gives a percentage of risk to their total.



That is, secure cloud access brokers (CASBs) provide an opportunity to mitigate risks. Especially with the standard use of SaaS applications, as well as in combination with unmanaged devices in the corporate network.


Trends in technology development:


The main trend at the moment is automation. That is, automation in the global sense, with implementation in all phases of network inspections. Namely – starting with traffic monitoring in real time. And, accordingly, ending with a recheck when updating anti-virus database signatures.


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