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Update to Android 12:


The current most recent update from Google has introduced all those operating system design choices, Android 12, that have been hotly debated over the past year.


Android 12-operating


In design:


Regarding the look, we can say that this is the most serious update to the system’s design, if you count since 2014.


In apps:


Google apps such as Google Maps and Photos, for example, have been updated in terms of features in performance and more elaborate privacy.


Android 12-3


In devices:


In addition to Google’s own devices, of course, such as the Pixel, others will be updated. That is, devices from manufacturers such as Oppo, OnePlus and Xiaomi, as well as Nokia and Asus. In these companies at the moment, active preparations are underway to implement beta versions of Android 12 for devices from these manufacturers.


It should be taken into account that in the beta versions, some features may not work in full.


On the cost:


This update is free. Any offers to pay for this update are likely to be from various kinds of scammers.


On compatibility with previous versions:


As usual, Google has a policy of supporting previous versions. That is, provided the apps are fairly recent, released within about the last couple of years, compatibility is likely to be complete. Also, keep in mind that there will clearly be updates to the most current versions of apps on Google Play in the very near future anyway.


More about the design:


There’s been a lot of innovation in the look and feel of Android 12. This has included color design, personalization and enlargement of interface elements.


Increasing elements in most of the visual design – accentuated by the developers very clearly. That is, all elements are extremely smooth – from the clock to oblong rectangular notification windows.



The animation and overall performance of the graphics are also optimized. For example, the clock, lock screen, ripples when the charger is connected, and more.


About the design themes:


Including – there are many new themes with the ability to change almost all of their elements. That is, Google considers it important to support in its operating system a variety of options for theme settings.


About performance:


Android 12 has increased performance by an average of 22%.


About the native computing core:


According to Google’s new concept, developers have introduced artificial intelligence running in the device in Android 12.


About Google Maps:


They can now provide information about entire areas of localities and their congestion, not limited to individual pieces of infrastructure.


Android 12-4


For motorists, the feature of preferring a route with smooth traffic, without the need for harsh braking, is interesting.


About Google Photo:


The operating system’s built-in intelligence system will now be able to help filter photos by individual attributes. For example, by the color of the car.


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