Microsoft-Recommends Azure Blockchain Customers To Move:


The company, without announcing the rejection of the termination of the corporate service, announced the recommendation to its Azure Blockchain customers to transfer data. Among them, such companies that use the blockchain service in their work – such as the fourth largest bank in the United States – JPMorgan. As well as the Microsoft – owned Xbox, and even such as, for example, Starbucks and Singapore Airlines …






Azure Blockchain is an enterprise cloud service. It works according to the BaaS (i.e. blockchain as a service) model based on Ethereum. According to the parent company, it will stop working in September 2021.


New projects from May 10 of this year are no longer supported. The reasons that prompted the company to take this step are not disclosed. Initially, in 2015, the EBaaS service had two main working tools: this is Ether.Camp, that is, an integrated development environment, as well as BlockApps-a development platform on the blockchain. Given the basis of such a technology, in which the information in the database is contained in blocks that contain data about the previous ones, this is extremely interesting for companies. And such a financial option based on Quorum was introduced in Azure.


In fact, the recording and analysis of transactions that the service processed were based on SmartContracts. These “smart contracts” made it possible to algorithmically accompany actions during transactions at a rigidly fixed software level.



That is, there was a virtual immutable book of incoming and outgoing transactions. And taking into account the connectivity capabilities of other Microsoft services, such as Power BI, Azure Active Directory, Office, and others, the capabilities have increased many times.




In any case, the potential of such a technology is quite large. That is why the developer of such a financial blockchain as Quorum was the financial holding JPMorgan Chase. However, it was later completely taken over by Consensys in 2020, which, together with Microsoft, was able to offer its use to customers on the basis of the Azure service.


For the time being:

Microsoft has offered Azure Blockchain customers a migration to alternative services and platforms. For example, I recommended the same company Consensys, with its own platform Quorum Blockchain Service.


The company has also published detailed instructions for migrating data and applications to help its customers. How to transfer data to new cloud services-information is provided in Microsoft Docs.

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