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Chia – eco-friendly cryptocurrency of the space:


No sooner had the manufacturers of video cards come to their senses after the boom in their devices, as a new trend – the demand for hard drives and the increase in their cost. Mining a new eco-friendly cryptocurrency requires fast and voluminous storage of information.






The most interesting thing is that the introduction of ecology to the new reality in terms of energy efficiency of mining has made its own adjustments to the technology. That is, initially, the manufacturers of the same video cards focused on gamers.


After the advent of cryptocurrencies and the phenomenon of mining, there was competition for GPUs. It has become especially acute this year, when the latest models of NVIDIA graphics cards were sold out at very early stages, often not having time to reach the shelves of stores.


More about Chia:


This cryptocurrency was presented to the general public quite a long time ago. That is, it was introduced back in 2017. Then its developer, Bram Cohen, who is also the author of the BitTorrent protocol, predicted a great future for it.


According to him, this cryptocurrency in its turnover and mining is much more environmentally friendly than the others. Its main difference is the use of space and time calculations as evidence. Bictoin, like all other cryptocurrencies so far, uses proof of work performed.


Impact on the economy of component manufacturing:


After the announcement and receipt of information in the spring of this year, the cost of all types of drives, especially SSDs, has increased dramatically. And it’s not 5-10%. That is, the increase reached, according to various sources, in 2.5 months, about 200% and above…


Also, as in the case of restrictions imposed due to miners on the implementation of video cards – there are already restrictions on storage devices.



Of course, while no one is going to make changes to the controllers, or drivers, as was the case with NVIDIA. However, some companies have already lowered their warranty time on new devices.


So, the company A-DATA because of the hype recorded an increase in demand by 500%. And this comparison is the difference between demand in March and April 2021. However, the growth of profits and the value of such companies did not give the opportunity to roam. Many not only removed the extended warranty, but also deprived of the usual one.


That is, if it is established that the SSD presented for replacement under the warranty was used for cryptocurrency mining – then no exchange or repair will be provided.






So far, the prospects for this environmentally eco-friendly cryptocurrency are extremely vague. A lot of conflicting information. Despite the large investments of investors, it is difficult to predict its future.

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