Xiaomi’s victory:


The other day, the company still managed to prove its innocence to the main charges that were the basis for its inclusion in the” black list ” of USA. Judge Rudolph Contreras ruled in favor of Xiaomi. His verdict: temporarily limit the bans against the company.




More detailed:


At the beginning of this year, Xiaomi was included in the list of companies undesirable for investment by USA citizens. The reason for this was the decision of the administration of Donald Trump. And the fact is that such a step was taken on the basis of suspicions about Xiaomi’s connection with the military of the People’s Republic of China.


Of course, the company immediately responded. That is, in the shortest possible time, she published an official statement and complete non-involvement in such actions. Thus, Xiaomi immediately stated that it would use all possible legal measures to refute such information and would be in the interests of both the company and shareholders to seek to reverse the decision of the Trump Administration.



Relative to investors, the situation was quite tense. The fact is that, according to the sanctions requirements, investors from the United States were forced to get rid of Xiaomi’s assets with a time limit for such actions until November 11 of this year.




About legal battles:


Already in January 2021, the company filed a lawsuit. At the same time, it was filed in the district court, District of Columbia. The defendants in it were not only the US Treasury, but also the Pentagon. Moreover, the list of defendants also included the heads of these structures personally…


The main idea of the lawsuit is the unconstitutionality of the company’s inclusion in the sanctions list. Including-making a decision on Xiaomi without sufficient grounds.


The court eventually ruled in favor of the Chinese company. At the same time, he pointed out that for several months no one was able to provide convincing evidence of Xiaomi’s guilt.


On the consequences of the court decision:


Since the court made an incomplete decision in favor of the company, Xiaomi decided to fight to the end. That is, it declared its readiness to defend its interests and seek the complete abolition of all restrictions.


At the same time, on May 12, 2021, the US authorities pointed out the fallacy of their decision regarding Xiaomi. And now the parties are working on preparing a joint official statement.


That is, the public recognition will be after May 20, when the process is completed in full.

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