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The new optional section, designed for tablets based on the Android operating system, is now called “Entertainment Space”. This option assumes an entertainment center. The touchstone will be the appearance of a separate panel in Walmart devices. Then similar panels will appear on tablets manufactured by Lenovo, as well as other manufacturers.




More detailed:


Also, Google, as the manufacturer of the program, believes that, in this way, it will take care of the users ‘ time. As you know, the company’s strong point is working with media content. And now all the media will be combined in one app. Of course, users should clearly be more comfortable managing content from a single window.


In addition, it is supposed to create and separate user profiles. And even on the same device, there will be additional profiles for, for example, several members of the same family.



Apparently, such services as Google TV will be integrated into the streaming blocks, among other things. And, best of all, apparently, syncing with Chromecast will work. That is, the selection of personalized media content based on the user’s profile will also function in this way. When you click on the image – you will be redirected to the application where the content was created.


Google-Entertainment-Space-option- part-center-2


Of course, there will also be a section with games. There will also be recommended apps. In addition, Google engineers have carefully worked out the optimization of the launch speed of gaming applications.


The books section will also be in the new app. From Entertainment Space, you can go to exactly the media content that was in the user’s work profiles. In particular, to the one that the user had in the Google Play Books app. And of course, the entertainment center will not ignore such media content as audiobooks, recommendations based on user interests and new products.




Of course, the Entertainment Space option does not produce any software and technical revolution. This is just a much more user-friendly app. It is more convenient than anything that existed before it on the part of Google.


According to research by the same Google, over the past year, users have increased the time spent on tablets by 30%. And so, of course, the company did not fail to take advantage of the potential market to increase traffic.


In principle, no one imposes Entertainment Space: it is easily disabled if desired. And manufacturers can decide for themselves whether to install it on their devices.


Of any disadvantages so far, one has been found: so far, at least, it is known that Netflix will not be integrated.

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