What do you think is the main thing when choosing WordPress hosting? What should I pay attention to first?


Technical requirements. WordPress hosting and PHP:


The official WordPress website says that the recommended parameters for the latest version of the engine are as follows:


– PHP 7 and higher;

– MySQL 5.6 and above or MariaDB 10.0 and above;

– support for the mod_rewrite module of the Apache web server;

– HTTPS support.



Let’s look at it in more detail:


Despite the fact that WordPress can also run on PHP 5.2.4+ and MySQL 5.0+, but this is not recommended due to the fact that support for versions 5.2-5.5 is finished, which affects security in the event of another vulnerability found.

What is so good about PHP version 7 and higher and why is it strongly recommended for developers to use it?

In PHP 7, the work of internal functions and language constructs is optimized, their execution time is much lower than in 5.6, which is shown by performance tests (read more here: http://html5.by/blog/php-7/).


That is, WordPress hosting on PHP 7 version works 2 times more efficiently!


The same is true for MySQL, its performance has increased by a factor of 5.6 compared to 5.0.


It is worth noting that not all WordPress hosting supports the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, please check with your provider.


High-quality support service is a 50% success rate


This is an extremely critical factor, especially for a start. All issues, especially if you need the best wordpress hosting, should be resolved as planned, which requires constant two-way contact with the provider. These are both technical questions (for example, about creating a database), and financial (how to pay, or pay extra for some functions that may be needed in the process of running a site at the best wordpress hosting level), and many others. For this purpose, you need to contact the support service of the provider, which should work at a fairly high level.


Please note that the response speed should not be more than half an hour – then you can quickly solve the current tasks for the functioning of the site.


Of course, all wordpress hosting providers may differ in the response time to a support request. If the response time of a qualified specialist who can help solve current configuration issues exceeds half an hour, it makes sense to think about how critical this is for you to work. Sometimes this is not particularly important, especially when one developer makes a site in his spare time. But if a team is working on a site in remote mode, and is also geographically dispersed by time zones with fairly strict rules for collaboration (for example, 3 hours a day), then the response rate of the wordpress hosting provider becomes an actual parameter.

How do I figure it out?


There are several ways to find out: look at the reviews (which is often not quite correct, knowing from the experience of customer support examples of completely inadequate graphomaniacs), that is, you need to understand from the text of the review-what is it, a hysterical cry of the soul or a professional reasoned opinion (which, however, is not so difficult); then – just write to the consultant and wait in the chat for an answer to the question, which may, by the way, stasis and concern the regulations on the speed of responses. Well, then you can make your own decision – as far as it suits.


The qualifications of the provider’s employees are also very important. Especially if you need a good managed wordpress hosting, where some functions may differ from the usual ones (for example, after updates of various modules).


In addition, it is important whether the wordpress hosting provider has a ranking: that is, if, for example, you call with a question-where will the call go, whether calls will be redirected to other specialists, or immediately there will be a line with a highly qualified employee who can solve almost all the questions that arise. Of course, the second option is much more convenient, will save time and nerves.


In addition, almost all managed wordpress hosting has well-established communication with support through the ticket system or mail. It is very convenient when the answer to your question can be obtained immediately: in an online consultant on the site or by calling the toll-free number 8-800, these features are not available to everyone, so pay attention.


The ability to help on the site: it can be difficult at first, you may have questions not only about wordpress hosting, but also about WordPress itself, ask before buying whether support will be able to answer questions about setting up the engine. Many providers do not like such requests, because they are not directly related to the operation of the service, but many make exceptions.


Ease of using hosting


This adds up to several main factors in wordpress hosting:


– full range of services (domains, SSL, hosting)

– ease of ordering

– many payment methods

– fast and well-coordinated work of the support service

– convenient control panel.


The first 3 points are carried out by almost all providers, we discussed the support, we will focus on the last one.


ISPmanager-the most popular panel


After the purchase, interaction with the managed wordpress hosting provider in 90% of cases will be through the control panel. Therefore, it is important that everything is intuitive and convenient.


In this matter, everything is quite subjective, but most people choose ISPmanger, and this is saying something. Not everyone has this panel, so check with support.


Migrating and installing WordPress


Sometimes it will not be superfluous to install WordPress in 1 click, as well as the transfer of an existing site to the provider’s server, especially if you can do it for free. You need to check this with support or on the website of the WordPress hosting provider.


General selection criteria


In any case, you need to pay attention to the general tactical and technical characteristics of the wordpress hosting provider. There may be many of them, but some may become the main positive points or, on the contrary, alert you to something. If you are alerted – you do not need to refuse, on the contrary – start communicating through any communication channel and clarify the question until you get a completely clear and unambiguous answer. Only then can you make a final choice in favor of a particular item, as often when you find out there is a lot of useful additional information that will help you with the choice.


For example:


– how much time on the market, at least 2-3 years;

– number of clients, preferably at least several thousand;

– the presence of a legal entity;

– availability of an office;

– reviews of the company on third-party resources.


You can easily find this information on the Internet and on the provider’s website, choosing wordpress hosting that will meet these requirements — you will most likely be satisfied.


Prices, bonuses and gifts:


The spread of prices for hosting for 1 site with a volume of 1 GB is quite large, let’s say in confidence that:


the quality of the service for 300 rubles per month may not differ from the service for 100 rubles!


High prices are observed mainly in the old providers, but fortunately, there is a lot of competition in the hosting industry now, and you can find high-quality hosting at favorable prices. The optimal choice will be from the prices of the middle range.


Also, all providers to some extent provide bonuses to their customers, namely:


free test (optimal 30 days)
domain as a gift
discounts on payment


We are sure that you will be able to find a hosting service with the most favorable conditions!


We should also focus on the description of free wordpress hosting plans.


Despite the tempting conditions, such plans can eventually become a real headache. Without detracting from the merits of providers that provide developers, students or startups with the opportunity for free wordpress hosting, as well as those providers who allocate time for free test periods, usually up to 30 days – in fact, they are at least not interested. Therefore, when switching to a paid tariff, at the end of the trial period, you will have to pay 99% more than on the initially paid version – the miser pays twice.

Not to mention the non-guaranteed access time to the site and the non-guaranteed capacity allocated for its operation. Also-limiting the bandwidth of the communication channel… In general, there are many factors to consider. That is, such an option as free wordpress hosting may not be suitable, due to the peculiarities of its functioning, even for testing.

For those who want to get an initial understanding about WordPress hosting:

Cheap wordpress hosting does not mean “bad”.


Not all shared hosting plans are bad. Cheap unlimited plans (cheap wordpress hosting) have become popular today, and often their resource is quite enough. More than 90% – domains and sites in shared hosting plans.

And everything works fine…

Of course, this does not make the sites “cooler”. It is better to use the optimal solution in comparison with a relatively expensive one. Not to mention the fact that you need to understand and compare correctly. There are many nuances that can make things go wrong. This can be with dedicated or VPS hosting.

Some site owners immediately purchase VPS or dedicated hosting, and then regret it. They spend money on unnecessary resources. Although shared hosting plans with pre-installed components would be quite enough.




As long as you don’t have a website or blog with high traffic, there is no need for expensive hosting. It is more effective to focus on content and marketing.

Make sure you have a basic understanding about web hosting and think about your needs:
  • What website do you want?
  • Do you want anything in common?
  • Does your site require special software?
  • Do you need Windows apps?
  • How large (or small) the volume of web traffic can go?
  • Do you need a special version of the software (i.e. PHP)?
  • What is your 12 (or 24) month budget for a website?
  • What budget will you allocate for hosting?


At first:


Choose the cheapest wordpress hosting that you can afford, for example, for 2 years. After all, your website or blog at the beginning is unlikely to pay off. You need to be sure that you do not have to close the blog due to lack of funds.


At the moment, you don’t need expensive premium web hosting services. Cheapest wordpress hosting, where the necessary pre-installed modules are selected, is usually enough to start with. Just don’t forget to learn about the space and uptime limitations of the server.

Initially, you need to focus on creating useful content and developing your community. The main additional expenses: marketing and content. Start creating your mailing list. Run ads on social networks, get in touch with local bloggers, etc.


Ask questions to the customer service team. They will help you understand how the site works.



The next task is to ensure the smooth movement of readers on the site or blog. That is, you will need a very reliable and fast hosting.

Monitor your blog’s memory usage and keep track of your limit. The moment of reaching 80% of the allocated memory is important. This is a common bottleneck that you will first encounter when sharing hosting. Then it’s time to switch to VPS or cloud hosting.

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