What is the question – Google and Tsargrad:

At the end of June last year, TV Tsargrad was blocked on Youtube. There were no standard 180 days that are allocated after a warning about blocking. The channel was shut down immediately. The basis is the presence of its founder in the USA sanctions lists. The Arbitration Court of Moscow issued a decision: to stop the account until May 20, 2021. They need to make a decision: either restore the channel account, or pay a fine.




The owner of the TV channel is Konstantin Malofeev. He appeared on the sanctions lists since 2014. And the Youtube channel started its work in 2015. During this time, no claims were made to TV “Tsargrad”.


After the shutdown of the TV channel on Youtube, at the end of August 2020, there was an appeal to the Arbitration Court of Moscow. That is, NAO “Tsargrad Media” filed a lawsuit against Google LLC, Google Ireland Limited and Google LLC to recognize the blocking of its YouTube channel as illegal. Also, in the claims, it was announced the restoration of the channel and the compensation of the funds lost due to its removal from the monetization of content.



Thus, the court satisfied the requirements – at the end of April 2021. That is, the blocking of the channel on Youtube was declared illegal, and a decision was made to restore the account and refund the funds.


In the details:


Interestingly, Google’s lawyers, and they were represented by the law firm Baker&McKenzie, could not answer the questions raised by the court. Namely, they could not explain how the channel, with the founder in the sanctions lists of the European Union, Canada and the United States, successfully worked for 6 years. And why wasn’t there a warning about the channel being blocked? And also, why, even if there are sanctions, is the channel blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation?


Lawyers were most concerned about the issue of the fine. After all, its amount, according to their calculations, will have to almost equal the capitalization of Alphabet itself, the owner of Google, in 7 months… In addition, when the account is restored, the company will be subject to legal prosecution in the United States for violating sanctions requirements.






However, the court’s decision will not take effect until May 20, 2021. Until then, Google has the option of appealing.


Of course, the question is not idle – now the IT giants in the world are being prosecuted. It is enough to recall the recent Australian epic about news channels and Google, as well as antitrust lawsuits against them in Europe. Europe is not the United States, and the standard practice of lobbying does not apply here.




Google will have to make a choice. Their usual practice of balancing between the centers of equilibrium has failed for the time being. That is, the next step of global IT corporations is to support world peace. Otherwise, they will have a hard time.

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