Google MFA or 2FA:


As you know, the most secure accounts are those with Google MFA authentication. The scheme has been working with 2FA for a long time, however, with today’s level of penetration of mobile devices into everyday life, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is preferable.




Of course, no one really breaks a spear when choosing. Each user decides on their own what level of protection they need.


However, Google plans to make at least multi-factor authentication permanent in the near future. Enabling such features immediately and permanently will clearly remove the issue of the level of account protection. In any case, the security will greatly increase.


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Security factors, of course, are almost universally known. Only very few observe them. There are many reasons for this. Someone thinks that he is simply not needed by anyone, there are no secrets. Someone just does not understand what it is all about-well, bought an Android phone, made an account… No one really thinks about linking a Google account to a phone number.


Very few people connect dual authentication capabilities on a permanent basis. To simplify the procedure, there is even a completely correctly working application – Google Authenticator.




In detail:


Even fewer people realize how unimportant even complex passwords have really become lately. With the development of various cybercrime structures, the complexity of the password has lost its value, databases with hundreds of thousands of pairs of addresses and passwords have long been walking on the Internet. The same Telegram has long provided an opportunity, at least, to check whether a particular address is in the list of compromised ones.


And given the fact that passwords to mail change, as a rule, quite rarely-the threat is growing…


Returning to the Google initiative:


Of course, the corporation tries to maintain its image on the security of user accounts. While, of course, pursuing their own interests.


The fact is that, while increasing the security of users due to multi-factor authentication, the amount of information about the user also increases.



If the Google MFA system has additional data – then, as a result, the accuracy of the provided advertising content for a specific user increases dramatically.


In addition-now when registering with Google MFA, it will be difficult to register an account without having a mobile device number. That is, if earlier this possibility was present, now the implementation of such a scenario is a big question.


In any case, there is still the option of using Apple security chips or push notifications that do not require a SIM.

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