News about iOS 14:

Are received new versions of iOS 14, there are relatively many updates. Without being distracted by the obvious improvements, we will try to focus on the implicit ones. Apple is constantly improving its systems.






The main interesting difference is the ability to opt out of pre-installed iOS components. For example, you can now do without apps like Safari and Apple Mail. To replace them with other fields for receiving updates, the user will be able to choose.


About hidden functions iOS 14:


To select the default app in iOS versions higher than 14, a menu with the option to select has appeared. Thus, the function of selecting an application by default function appeared. More apps are not fixed, the only question is whether they are available in the App Store.


About tracking iOS users by websites:


Safari can now tell the user who is tracking activity and how. This is made possible by a new feature – privacy report.




When you click the Aa button at the top of the app, in the address bar field, a new list of options becomes available. At the bottom of this list is the “privacy report” button. When clicked, a detailed log for 30 days becomes available to the user. In it, you can view the number of activity tracking trackers. In addition, the list of blocked Safari ad trackers is also available.




About the Home screen:


Home screen editing mode is now available when you tap on an empty screen space. However, after receiving updates, you can now configure the device so that new applications do not appear on the screen. Otherwise, all the work on setting up the home screen with the usual arrangement of icons will be disrupted when installing a new application.


You can send them to the application library. And only then, if necessary, take it to the right place.

Other functions:


A new media format has been launched – in particular, ProRAW for images. This is possible in the latest Apple models: starting with the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.


In addition, the update now has a search function on the keyboard emoticons. There’s a new search bar.




It also made it possible to understand what the app developer wants to know about the user. When you click on the “View details” button, you can learn a lot about privacy.


Another step Apple takes is to require the user’s explicit consent to approve data collection. That is, the user must allow the use of the information to form the selected advertising.


The function of hiding photos has become full-fledged. And it turns on when you press the “Hidden Album” switch to the active position. The menu is located on the path “Settings” – “Photos”.



Of course, you can not ignore the other features of the version. For example, “Picture in Picture”. For Youtube, this mode only works through Safari so far.


The function of eye contact is extremely interesting. When turned on, the other person in FaceTime will have a sense of your full attention. It is enabled through “Settings” – “FaceTime” – “Eye Contact”.


More – you can now configure actions via the back panel of the device. That is, if you go through “Settings” – “Universal access” – “Touch” – then the number of touches you can configure user-defined actions.


And of course, the function of traversing the list when returning from the depths of the menu. Now you can just press and hold the Back button. At the same time, a list of windows will appear where you can select the desired one.

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