Migration to VPS – background:


Migration to VPS for your company is already in the past – so it is a clear winner. Because over the past 20 months, it has become clear that it is possible to work in a completely different way than before. It turns out that working from home by connecting to the corporate network and clouds on a VPS can be comfortable. Both for the company and for the employees.




For them, a lot has already been passed. For example, – reduction of overhead costs. And this is decent: rent of premises, travel compensation, and so on…


Meetings, it turns out, with universal remote work, can be held in the same way-remotely! You just need to switch to the appropriate infrastructure with a VPS, which can also be configured remotely – it will be serviced by the provider’s employees… And the consideration of options begins – how is the migration to VPS going?


In general, there are a lot of changes. In particular, from the point of view of the growth of the e-commerce market, which has grown several times in the world during this time. The activity of various stores, marketplaces, and joint purchasing systems has increased dramatically. Of course, cybercriminals are not asleep: in connection with the transition to remote work, all remote access programs and VPNs have become the object of their interest.


Migration-initial conditions:


Now there is a need for technical specialists of a wide profile. That is, all employees work from home, and the company’s infrastructure is located in the office and special premises. And you can’t just leave it – no one canceled the service.


The load on IT specialists has increased approximately twice, plus there are non-standard tasks. They just didn’t exist before, and neither did the pandemics. Of course-who would have thought about so many RDP sessions, load balancing, and other related aspects?



That is, all the selected, purchased, installed and configured equipment of the companies suddenly became a raw collection of iron. Sometimes there is not enough capacity, sometimes there is no channel bandwidth with dozens and hundreds of employees on video conferences…


It is obvious-the need to reconfigure the infrastructure immediately became apparent, since it is rare for a system to cope with non-standard tasks and loads without a thorough redesign and purchase of additional components. Plus the cost of expanding Internet channels and other operational aspects.


And-a shortage of qualified personnel. Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have been dismissed en masse, and then recruited back, but it is more expensive – there are not enough of them, the load has increased! And, of course, no employer can withstand competition with the proposals of criminal groups, in the hands of which large amounts of bitcoins have been accumulated at this time. They do not skimp on the wages of the unemployed specialists, especially since it pays off very quickly…




With the planned transfer of infrastructure to the VPS complex-depending on the complexity and size of the company, it can take, along with the preparation, from a week to 2-3 months. Proper migration to VPS is not only a technical issue. It is more correct to say – more organizational.

Of course, if you approach the issue of the transfer correctly, the provider’s specialists will provide all possible technical support. Consultations of such specialists are usually very valuable and can significantly reduce both the preparation time and the migration process to the virtual environment.



Of course, something can be left: despite the presence, as a rule, of a daily backup from the VPS provider, copies can be made inside the company’s corporate network.


And what happens next?


Meanwhile, the competitors are not asleep. It is not for nothing that in the first months of the pandemic there were so many bankruptcies all over the world. Those who failed to transform into current structures – they are no longer on the market.


Entire industries have failed: the restaurant and hotel business; tourism and air travel-you can list it for a very long time. However, many were able to find options and not only survive. Many have grown significantly. In particular, there are many services for the delivery of ready meals and much more. Entire industries have gone online. For example, in the rental business-you can take a virtual tour of the apartment. And if you are not satisfied with the photo, then you can see a live video report from the agent on the spot.




Statistics are a very stubborn thing, it is very difficult to go against numbers. And they say that more than 95% of companies are already making plans to switch to VPS. In addition, more than 70% plan to transition during this year.




I wonder if modern companies are managed by quite strong specialists, since they are still afloat? And they can’t help but understand the hype. And it will certainly arise… Just imagine: when in the last month everyone will rush to migrate to virtual systems.


And the economy with limited supply will increase prices. Plus-the overload of the provider’s employees, and so on and so forth. So everything is now going like Jack London – “Time does not wait”!

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