About configuring resources in the Task Manager:


Microsoft sometimes still surprises its users. This happens when you add atypical features to your new pre-builds. Since the company, according to its concept, usually decides for its users what is more necessary for them and how best to use their products, this time, apparently, they decided to step aside a little.


More specific:


This new feature, “Eco Mode”, is added to the Insider Preview Build 21364.  You can use it by opening the Task Manager menu in the “Processes” tab. Thus, it becomes possible to configure the consumption of computer resources by a specific application.



More detailed:


The function of the ” Eco ” mode for Windows applications allows a thoughtful user to make a fairly fine-tuning of the computer’s power consumption. The optimal balance between stability and reduced power consumption is potentially interesting to adjust.


In addition, if you find resource-limiting processes and perform the correct configuration, it is theoretically possible to set up quite decent performance. In fact, if Microsoft takes care to release a program for testing and configuring various profiles for resource load, then this function will receive a logical conclusion.

However, for now, the “Eco-mode” feature is only available to insiders in testing mode. However, with such a powerful impact on the system, of course, you need to test in different modes.


When checking the operation of this function, you will need to identify the balancing mode and resource consumption limits between applications. Otherwise, there will inevitably be distortions and a decrease in the overall performance and responsiveness of the system.


About Linux graphical applications in Windows:


Microsoft has not completed its surprises. Instead of just setting up resources in the task manager, she took the next step of integrating Linux.



About the new version of running Linux applications in Windows 10:


The WSLg subsystem (Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI ) will allow you to run programs with a graphical interface, completely without a virtual machine, using a window environment (X11 or Wayland).


When you run a Linux program in a WSLg environment, the process of loading (enabling the system) the system distribution is first started. Audio and 3D acceleration support is loaded at the same level. In addition, there is a set of libraries that provide integration and interaction with Windows 10.




When you finish working with the program, all WSLg components exit sequentially. All features will also be available for Windows 10 pre-build.


All other details and technical instructions are available on the Windows website.

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