Promoting your websites, developments, and other products is a rather complex and thankless activity. Only a highly qualified specialist can establish relationships in such a complex and multi-factor environment. And even more so, if he uses only honest and legal methods for successful promotion – then this is definitely aerobatics.



Of course, to learn all these tricks, to spend your precious time on it is not given to everyone. And there are those who consider it possible to do what comes into their head, to use any chance to raise their site in the ranking.


More detailed:


Another platform that unwittingly began to support fans of spreading links to malicious sites and software through its functionality was Google Alert.


For example, when information security specialists try to use this platform for its intended purpose, that is, to track the terms, they are redirected to completely different addresses…


It looks something like this:


That is, when you click on a link, there is a carousel of movements through several redirects to the level of some advertising banner with obvious fraudulent software and other Internet garbage (copies of programs that have no real relation to the original, with all sorts of hidden installations when you try to install them, browser extensions, and the like).


The settings do not help to get away completely from such a flurry of redirects, thanks to the methods of masking such sites. Such search engine optimization features are used as protection. This happens when indexing by the search engine. That is, when the bot is running, it is shown a completely different page. And it successfully indexes it.


But it is only necessary to go to the site by clicking on the link – and then the change of scenery begins. For example, let’s see what happens if you click on one of these links. Received, moved-and you are invited to download a program for high-speed conversion of music to MP3.




After downloading and installing the program, we observe. A hidden process is started, as it turns out – Chromium. At the same time, the CPU load is up to 30%. This program, by the way, is on VirusTotal with a self-explanatory anti-rating of 24/69…


Let’s see what results from using the Google Alert algorithm. For example, the search engine believes that it has correctly indexed the site, and it has no negative signs. On this basis, it offers keywords to go to it. This is for everyone who entered it in the search bar and set up tracking for them…


And what happens if a warning is received when the link is not clicked? The fact that it is impossible to set the destination address. The address, by the way, can change with each new click.


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