5G – Short-term perspective:


Now everyone who is trying to look ahead and somehow plan their future has to admit the fact that it is not as easy as it was at least 10-15 years ago.


The fact is that the rapid development of technology does not give a clear direction, and such phenomena as, for example, the same coronavirus pandemic is completely confusing.


All these trends of the last few years lead to such an interesting conclusion that planning your life with the same confidence is a waste of time.


That is, of course, it is clear that now everyone will need to constantly learn in order to maintain current knowledge. And be ready for various innovations of progress.


And how will this affect our daily lives?


For example, you can accurately say that communication (both mobile. And Internet communications) they won’t be cheaper for a long time.


Why? It’s very simple: in the development of communication networks, there are two main aspects that no one is particularly ready for at this time; investments of large companies in fiber backbone lines are not everything.




As you know, the main increase in prices in this area is not in the large and not even in the middle link. This manifests itself at the “last mile” level, when relatively small distributors are engaged in sales. And dumping large companies works only where it is profitable for them to conduct communication channels.


All other territories that are difficult to access or not particularly. Interesting from the financial side will be leased to medium and small providers. Where the main increase in tariffs will be-otherwise they will not survive.


What is this information for?


And the fact is that with the upcoming development of the same 5G networks (and in the future, 6G), there comes such an implicit moment as a shortage of bandwidth.




Why is this important? Because it will start prioritizing traffic and dividing prices by tariffs-that is fast, a lot and expensive. And also there is cheap and slow with a large ping…


In addition, the population around the world is increasingly “hooked” on various network services. Television, smart homes, etc., including municipal information systems. Where ping is more critical, not speed – the priority of traffic remains important.


Nevertheless, such issues are quite solvable to a large extent: at the expense of local (corporate) and so-called peripheral clouds. Which will be as close as possible to the local points of receiving and processing data.


Thus, with proper network load balancing in 5G, the level of network load will decrease and bandwidth will increase. And constantly increasing tariffs will not allow companies to live in peace. Forcing them to optimize at the expense of the same VPS and their own local IT infrastructure.



That is, it will be an additional factor in the growth of sales of virtual servers, which are the basis for clustering with increasing network loads and for the possibility of using discrete archiving in real time (also to reduce the amount of data transmitted.

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