Rationalization in all areas of production chains on a global scale is the most clearly traced trend in the optimization field of companies over the past few years.


All sorts of tricks based on “brainstorming” (in fact, the implementation of the properties of the most powerful analog computer known at the moment – the human brain – by enabling the “crowd effect”), and then – the inclusion of the collected data arrays in the processing, first using standard algorithms, and finally-with the help of artificial intelligence.


Without touching on the direct management of companies in relation to employees and the very controversial ethical aspects associated with this, otherwise-we can safely say, based on rapid progress in some areas where interdisciplinary integration solutions are most often used that are not related to ready – made, for example, those taught in the course of training-there is a clear growth, despite the lack of ready-made templates, that is, there is a search for new algorithms empirically.


Also, despite the decadent mood of analysts at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, nevertheless, quite adequately reacted to the sharp complication of its functioning, just by identifying and using hidden resources of both company teams and new optimization aspects of activity.

As for digital optimization, as the lower and upper boundaries of the company, practically permeating and providing the same as electricity (for reference: 100 years ago, 80% of capacity was provided by own forces or small urban power plants), almost all business processes of modern production and communications-then, despite all the calculations, managers prefer to demand what they are comfortable working with, rather than what is really beneficial for the company…


This applies, first of all, to the virtualization of the IT infrastructure, which is implicitly the basis for modern industries and companies: those critical figures concerning optimization – from 1 to 10% – periodically (it is likely that annually and even more often) can be obtained by revising such processes as organizing an audit of the information space in real time.

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In this issue, the analytical approach to monitoring the company’s performance shows the defects of calculations in modern companies: the question is only in the planning horizon; although it is known that an increase in this parameter always leads to stability of the economic situation, but often shareholders and managers, constrained by the tough situation of the modern global economic space, simply do not have time to respond to three-year or five-year long-term development plans.


It is from such a horizon as a minimum of three years that the real benefit from the virtualization of the IT infrastructure of companies becomes absolutely clear – that is, when the lease begins to pay for itself, and after seven years it becomes, in fact, zero – that is, when the cost of the components themselves and providing an increased number of employees and the cost of licenses for the software package pays for itself completely; Of course, these are average figures, but if you still think about it, then such an aspect as the speed of change can definitely be a support for the manager in making decisions about bringing the company to the cloud heights.

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