Google’s new approach to implementing privacy is finding more and more opponents: independent browsers, such as Vivaldi and others, and now also providing more than 40% of the Internet capacity of WordPress…


What is the reason for such a sharp rejection of Google FloC technology by independent companies?


As it might seem at first glance, this is just some kind of PR campaign aimed at getting additional bonuses in the marketing race for users.


If from the point of view of the statements of the managers of the development of quite small (by the employment sector in the market) the same Vivaldi browsers – maybe this point of view has the right to live. However, when such an independent platform, especially taking a leading position for a long time. Makes similar statements, then this is a clear reason to think.

And there is something to think about: this technology (Google FloC), based on the installation of markers for each user according to preferences. Interests and style of behavior on the network. The so-called cohorts (starting from several thousand), which at first glance seems to perfectly hide a specific personality. In fact, turns out to actually work in the interests of advertisers, if you look at the situation a little more broadly.

Let’s say someone offers people, for example, a medicine or a car – it doesn’t really matter what it is, let’s look at further options. The medicine will have clear reception conditions, and the car will have a certain framework for operation and maintenance.


What will happen if you break the hour-long schedule of taking medications or miss the maintenance of the car. Or exceed the speed limit – everyone is familiar with these consequences, everyone knows everything. In the case of a really important need, if these rules are violated, it is quite consciously. And everyone understands the consequences and possible negative scenarios…

And what happens when Google tells us about FloC. The company said that this is a new level of privacy, and that no one will be able to establish a specific identity in the new cohort system. And tells us that, finally, cookies will no longer participate in identification on the site. And generally go not even to the background, but deeper…


What is happening in reality?


We are told that we are protected. But the amount of accumulated information about each user is very large. So nothing will prevent the identification of a particular person only by his style of behavior on the network. Plus the rest of the information, especially regarding payment data. Who will prevent us from identifying a person by cross-comparison from the cohort. If there are payment data and ip addresses. And where will the data arrays go if properly processed?


Web analytics at this time has reached such heights that, having access to the data that Google now has, cohorts and in general all the FloC technology are needed, most likely, not to obtain, but to clarify information about users…

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