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What do you think: what can a fairly popular, but not large enough by the standards of technology giants, company do in anticipation of lawsuits with the most expensive BigTech corporation, given the prospect of similar events with several other similar companies?


Of course, it is most reasonable to assume their deliberate loss – after all, the company Epic Games, in fact, unilaterally demanded to change the terms of the contract already concluded and valid for several years with Apple, first, in fact, violating it by action, and when it was pointed out to it-filed a lawsuit…


This, of course, looks somewhat wild from the usual point of view, but we should not forget that the standard ethical standards in this case go beyond the usual aspects: information technologies assume a slightly different economic base in the calculations and, as a result, in the legal support of such transactions as a public offer and contracts between companies.


Example: if you produce, for example, leather shoes, for example, in Italy or China – the difference in the cost structure is quite obvious; at the same time, if, say, 90% of all production of the same shoes in the world was made in one factory and sold only in two online stores with a 30% markup, which would not include such a cost item as delivery (for example, shoes would be teleported automatically and free of charge when purchased)-buyers would clearly have reasonable doubts about the adequacy of such a markup.


Of course, this analogy does not describe all the nuances, but in fact we have something like this situation: Apple is preparing for a trial with Epic Games over Fornite, and the game company is looking for investments in similar corporate structures to its opponent in court – that is, it enters into a financial alliance with Sony, which is definitely interested in investing $ 1.78 billion in the partner’s marketing delights-advertising costs will cost several times more, and so all news publications will constantly inform the general public about all events in the process.; by the way, Google, which has also been charged with similar charges, does not seek to cover this topic in the press at all…

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