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In the world, the number and volume of infrastructure projects, both planned and already launched and operated by corporations in the current mode using VPS for remote desktops (VDI), is growing.



Due to the concern of the heads of many companies about the change in the structure of the global market, both in terms of production and consumption, especially with all the adjustments of the 2020 model, global digitalization began to yield results after the development of corporate networks at a new level of virtual infrastructure.


Reducing costs and increasing the level of security due to infrastructure virtualization and secure access to remote connection points for company employees, corporate interests are currently focused on bottlenecks in the organization of work with VPS, namely: oddly enough, but even analytical companies in their reports, which revealed the growth in demand over the past 5 years in a geometric progression, can not correctly determine the list of players in this market!


Of the more than two thousand companies that provide such high-tech services with a proper level of reliability, Google Cloud is not even on the list, although Godaddy and AWS are present; what is the reason for such selectivity-it does not matter at the moment, since the level of qualification of employees responsible for choosing a VPS provider is constantly growing due to the importance and relevance of their activities.

In addition, in addition to impressive growth, the VPS market has also been chosen by technology companies – in particular, NVIDIA, which released A16-a corporate product that combines four graphics chips based on the Ampere architecture with 64 gigabytes of GDDR6 memory, occupying two slots at once.


Such a device will be able to significantly increase the power in virtualization of any virtual infrastructure, since it has the ability to form virtual GPUs with different allocated memory, and is compatible with the main virtual machines.

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The most interesting thing is that technology giants invest in virtualization only if there is a long-term demand for their products, the development time of which takes more than one year – that is, if NVIDIA spent 20-30 months developing and launching such a high-tech product, especially a corporate class, then clearly-you do not need to be an analyst or have direct insider information from a meeting of the company’s board of directors – this trend of increasing demand for VPS will continue for at least the next few years, so that the development and production costs of the same A16 can be recouped…

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