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The progress of virtualization of company resources in the modern IT space is becoming increasingly important against the background of all the significant parameters for providing access to resource-intensive applications from VPS, as well as from the position of forming an appropriate level of protection for the company.



The levels of corporate requirements for information protection have been most updated over the past year due to the transition, according to some data, to 60% of employees or more to remote connection options and in general a full remote working day.


Standard RDP connections were, as the coronavirus pandemic made clear, too vulnerable; corporate VPNs only slightly improved the situation.


Relentless statistics still suggest that the main risks in the distribution of remote access threats are the human factor.


Such actions of employees that are unacceptable from the point of view of corporate security, such as allowing or participating in the organization of the leakage of important data, due to the complicated situation in the labor market, the transition to remote work, and many others – combined with the dramatically increased resources of cybercriminals – allow them to persuade both former and current employees of companies to commit official crimes and violate the confidentiality clauses.




Of course, all these risks do not go to any comparison with the losses from ordinary phishing: according to data for the last year, about 90% of hacks that resulted in the encryption of company data are the result of low training of employees who opened clearly non-standard emails.



That is, even if all possible infrastructure and local risks are taken into account, social engineering still prevails, exposing the weakest link of companies – the level of training of their employees.


Therefore, in order to minimize the risk at the level of the human factor, VDS-based solutions have finally begun to be implemented on a global scale.


Such transitions to virtualization, which turn any employee’s computer into a thin client, with the development of rules by VDS administrators from a single point, as well as with the forced opening of mail in a secure environment – at this time, they completely cope with the current tasks of protecting the corporate security circuit.


VPS, as the basis for building VDI in the cloud – is another issue of redundancy, that is, there are already examples of blocking for a certain period of time and virtual infrastructure, so having a working backup in load-sharing mode and backup – taking into account the fall in prices for such resources – allows companies to adequately get out of this situation.


Since we do not need game services, the ping value to the server is not critical – several VPS scattered over several continents, in the presence of a backbone fiber, usually does not exceed values from 130 to 500 milliseconds, which makes it possible to work quite comfortably.


And the development of 5G networks will further enable the development of virtualization based on VPS, with a proper level of protection of the corporate network.


It is predicted that by 2023, the VPS market will grow up to 10 times compared to the beginning of 2021, and serious companies, along with VDS, will include the rental of dedicated servers.


They provide an even greater degree of control over the infrastructure VPS while reducing the cost of use.

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