With the advent of the ability to perform calculations in a quantum environment to solve medical, primarily diagnostic, problems, this direction, of course, interested many medical centers around the world.


The first experiments in this area a few years ago were already quite revealing: with the help of quantum computing, it is possible to establish a diagnosis with much greater accuracy than a specialist does, and, most importantly, to develop a course of, for example, chemotherapy for cancer, taking into account a very large number of factors.

Thus, when connecting neural networks with quantum technology in the service of medicine, it is safe to say that the human factor in making complex decisions (subjectivity) will be removed to the background.


In this case, the task of a person in such a structure will be reduced, first of all, to the control of the technical part and, of course, when choosing ethical components: bioethics, today, is also developing by leaps and bounds.


The gap between financial inequality in health care, despite all the democratic aspirations of developed countries, is quite large: digital inequality, thus, has reached applied health care…



At the same time, the first private option has already appeared: the Cleveland Clinic will receive its own quantum computer manufactured by IBM. In addition, the doctors are not limited to this: Since cooperation with the IT giant has been going on for 10 years, it is planned to use artificial intelligence to fully use all the advantages of the technology, with the addition of twenty quantum clusters in a hybrid cloud.

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In addition, according to the manufacturer’s plans, in a couple of years, the clinic may be one of the first private medical institutions to receive a system of thousands of qubits, which will give an undeniable advantage in the diagnosis and refinement of treatment courses, as well as the ability to study complex cases to identify hidden patterns, including for genetic and infectious diseases, and will allow the processing of available statistics on a completely different level – because the standard algorithm is not able to take into account the many factors that a quantum system of this level can take into account.


Returning to one of the implicit advantages of quantum computing, namely, the elimination of subjectivity, we can say that this is the technological embodiment of the “Occam’s razor” in the modern world: many specialists in complex fields (such as intellectually capacious, such as mining, medicine, philosophy, comparative linguistics) are inherent in solving professional problems not so much the justification of the answer, but the reliance on their reputation, the higher the level of a specialist, the more affects the quality of his work; they are afraid to make mistakes and reduce their credibility in their field-just like lawyers who, at a certain level of development of the company, do not take cases that may lose…

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