Since the end of last year, disputes between Australian representatives of news publishers, losing revenue, and Google, which for some reason was chosen guilty by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, have not subsided.


Oddly enough, the essence of the claims presented in two reports with a break in a month, boils down to the fact that Google violates the rights of users with respect to privacy and the rights of publishers due to the fact that they do not stand up to competition and lose revenue.



That is, the news publications of the mainland country really believe that what they are doing is right: of course, why should they grow in information and technical terms together with the entire global, global digital industry – after all, you can just write an appeal to your government and complain about Google…

Of course, this is much easier than thinking about and solving the issue of investment, and your own growth, and the corresponding development of the media; in principle, this approach is not new in our world, however, it is more like a lack of national pride, if such a decision is still made.


Of course, Google’s practice in relation to the collection and use of confidential data requires analysis and regulation, no one disputes this, but to regulate 1% of search (which is how much the segment of news publications in Australia is) in a compulsory manner at the level of the state government due to the fact that someone is not able to find an entrepreneurial solution is nonsense.


In any case, if the population of the country and its government, out of patriotic motives, or “to spite Google”, want to support their own media and news industry – who will be against it? But if, judging by objective statistics, it is not necessary – so why support it, exposing yourself in such an unsightly light?


In the end, it would be possible to support them with some government subsidies or grants, if there are objective reasons and necessity for this: but to demand from a company that gives entrepreneurs in Australia a profit of about 32 billion Australian dollars a year some ephemeral preferences is simply a manifestation of an inferiority complex and an unwillingness to really, independently solve their current production business tasks.

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