It’s no secret that applications for mobile devices are made in our time for the purpose of earning money – the era of codes for your own pleasure has long sunk into oblivion.


Of course, for one of those who write these programs, there are several others who are also involved in creating the final value – managers, marketplaces and other participants in the global cycle of the digital sphere; and the consumer tastes the fruits of progress to the best of their financial capabilities.


And since the possibilities are different, for those who particularly want to use the paid program for a very limited time, there is such an option as trial versions – which after a certain period of time either stop working on the device, or, after payment, work further.


Everything seems clear, nothing complicated. However, in practice, many users are faced with unscrupulous developers who aim not to earn much, but to play on the imperfection of legislation and the connivance of Google Play and the App Store.


The technology is simple and simple: the app store hosts an app that is often quite expensive in comparison with similar ones, with a cost of use-from a few dollars to dozens per week.

The user, considering that he can use this program for 2-3 days, a week, a month (as much as the developer offers) and delete it, boldly installs it on his device…


And then the most interesting thing begins: the program may or may not work; there may be a little advertising, and maybe only advertising… And so on and so forth. But this is just the beginning, and then it’s more interesting: after deleting the application, miracles begin: money is debited from the bank card that you had to specify during the registration process to run this program.


Banking legislation in different countries is quite seriously different in many ways, including, there are services that do not require confirmation of the user about the debit, even there are those for which only the card number is enough – since the user implicitly confirms this possibility during the registration process…


And the vertical race begins, for example, in the case of an application that absolutely does not work for its intended purpose, but stably, regularly supplies the user with a variety of ads and an extremely confusing system of unsubscribing from payment, especially if its cost can be from fifty dollars a week…


Unfortunately, due to the fact that, according to the latest investigations of the turnover of applications in the marketplaces, the annual volume of such applications, going with the label “fleeceware”, is more than $400 million.


And users can only rely on their common sense, excluding such programs from their downloads, or checking with all methods those that are really needed.

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