Microsoft news: the competition of instant messengers during the pandemic and in the predicted post-pandemic level of their development takes on an absolutely epic scale: the growth of users due to the transition to online and cloud services exceeded all possible forecasts and expectations.


Research on the most promising areas of locomotives in online communication recently shows a priority in the growth of the gaming industry, and Microsoft, of course, tries to match the direction of growth, taking into account the existing developments, despite the rather ambiguous results in such projects.


Such Microsoft services as, for example, Microsoft Teams, or the same constantly changing and growing Xbox Live-this, by the way – is more than a dozen million users per month, despite the steadily decreasing recently MSN Messenger…


What is worth only last year’s moves by Microsoft in the direction of Tik-Tok, when the negotiation process stretched for almost six months, without ending with anything practically useful; however, the same happened with Pinterest.

At the same time, such a company with its ready-made promoted product, like Discord, is able, in case of reaching at least some substantive agreements, to solve the practical problems of Microsoft in their gaming segment, since in comparison with the cumbersome in all respects Teams-the difference is very significant, despite the parameters of the transaction, with its estimated cost of about $10 billion.




Not to say that Microsoft messengers work poorly – on the contrary, Skype remains one of the most stable in its segment at this time; the main issue is the lack of desire for innovation in the product, the appearance of intuitive integration components, which are so popular at the moment in the development vector of the industry.


The variability and ease of use of Discord is its undeniable competitive advantage; due to its acquisition, it is apparently planned to solve additional corporate aspects: if it is acquired, for example, by Amazon, then it will further complicate Microsoft’s life, which is against the background of several recent major failures (for example, the purchase of the streaming Mixer in pursuit of Twitch from AWS).


Thus, Discord will help, in the event of a positive outcome of the negotiations, to resolve the issue of Microsoft’s full access to the open social space, and will also create a platform for further development in this direction.

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