It is very convenient to live in a customized smart home – after getting used to the potential of a complex of customizable equipment in a certain range, life seems to become easier and more pleasant.



Indeed: with the fast pace of life, especially in the metropolis, much is tied to the automation of processes: semi-finished products for cooking, robot vacuum cleaners that work in the absence of the owners of the house, and finally, the economical mode of the split system, which activates the optimal climate not only in the apartment or house, but also in the zones for the arrival of the owners…

The smart refrigerator will remind you that the food storage juice is running out and can even order what you like at a convenient time … a dream!



However, accordingly, all this charm should, like any digital product (a program for managing and interacting with the user, and others), also have the necessary degree of protection from external interference.


Not only that, according to most license agreements, smart home components provide statistical information to the manufacturer, and the protection is minimized on weak processors and a minimum of memory… That is, we agree, in fact, to work for the company that released the robot or smart speaker-that is, not only that we paid for the company’s access to our preferences, but it is quite difficult to disable or protect yourself in such a situation –in most cases, except for the login and password – it is not technically provided further!


That is, such a concept of the “Internet of Things”, which provides for the active introduction of non-standard features for them into all kinds of home appliances – in order for automation to simplify and facilitate our lives: and not in order for marketing data to be collected in order to impose some service on us with their help, without which it would be quite possible to do.


The intrusiveness of advertising has long been intriguing: it is one thing if the ad comes out in response to a corresponding request, really to the place, helping to understand if necessary in something.


But when it haunts you-a month is too much, especially with some typo in the search-what, no one has encountered?..


An interesting approach to help users of “smart homes” in Russia – just recently, it was proposed to introduce hardware filtering systems at the level of distribution nodes, which will significantly complicate access to devices connected inside apartments and houses, as well as to household appliances.

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