After a six-year trial and review of Apple’s patent infringement case against Personalized Media Communications, which has been going on with varying success for the parties, a Texas federal court has finally issued a decision on compensation in the amount of $ 308 and a half million to the owner of the patent for FairPlay technology, which was a stumbling block and kept the lawsuit afloat after the initial decision to refuse.



In fact, the FairPlay technology itself allows for secure viewing of content on the user’s end device, and is a method of encryption.


It is very interesting how it is described in Wikipedia – it states that this is an Apple development (and in the Russian version of the page it is added that it is based on the developments of Veridisc).


Apple does not advertise the right to technology and tries to link all cases somehow related to FairPlay with antitrust lawsuits filed at the time by various users about the right to play content, thus diverting all attention to other things.


Interestingly, in 2015, the court system met Apple halfway and supported the company in considering the initial lawsuit from Personalized Media Communications, but last year this decision was overturned by the court of appeal.

However, this is not all the claims of Personalized Media Communications: they recently lost a lawsuit against Google, where they also made claims about the use of several patents without proper royalties to the copyright holder.


Also, another lawsuit is currently in production, already against Netflix…


By the way, in the court with Apple, it was recognized and established by the court that Personalized Media Communications cannot be qualified as a” patent troll”, since it received licensed products and patents within the framework of developments on an exclusive basis within the company itself.


As a result, according to the results of the last trial between Apple and Personalized Media Communications, in addition to the main amount of compensation, it was decided that now it will also be necessary to pay interest deductions from the use of this technology in all products of the company where it will be involved.

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