Against the long background of various high-profile hacks in recent years, exploiting various vulnerabilities in Microsoft products, however, according to research, the global corporate sector is in no hurry to abandon the use of their software.



The number of unpatched servers has sharply decreased, the work has been stabilized: the familiar and quite convenient environment is gaining additional reasons to remain in the service of companies.


In addition, Microsoft has further corrected the situation by releasing in recent days the Exchange On-premises Mitigation Tool for comprehensive automatic correction of identified security flaws, in particular, such as ProxyLogon. There is also an additional tool – a specific correction script.

Thus, Microsoft has focused its efforts on supporting small businesses organized according to a different structural system, as opposed to corporate systems: that is, in order to reduce maintenance costs, products have entered the market that allow one-click correction of the software, taking into account the absence of the need for combining and debugging by security groups.


The latest EOMT.ps1 script is posted by Microsoft on GitHub. Thus, employees of small companies can independently carry out the work: download the script, run and check for vulnerabilities, adjust the request forgery mode using a blocking component and setting up rules that block the possibility of connections with incorrect cookie headers; then download and uninstall all known scripts and delete them from the media.


That is, all the difficulties that have been created recently for the global information community are being solved quite quickly.


Clearly, the development of the use of other people’s data by various structures shows how multifaceted the interaction of information technologies is not only in the corporate sector, but also entirely – that is, in the presence of small holes in the software, they were used by a relatively small number of insiders.


However, with the growth of opportunities, as from the growth of possible network resources and computing power – not that the number has increased, but a qualitatively new level of hacks has appeared, combining all the possibilities into a single block, and becoming in February 2021 a fairly serious force, which, thanks to financial support from hacked companies, was able to enter an autonomous independent mode, provided that part of the source codes of many software manufacturers, which does not add confidence that the situation corrected for this time will not be repeated in the near future.

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