Google and Chrome news: Relations between the courts in the United States and the Alphabet corporation, which includes Google, have entered a new spiral: this is not the first time that lawsuits are filed with accusations of violating user privacy and violating their rights to personal digital space by collecting data in Chrome even in “incognito” mode.


The company clearly opposes such claims, which, in fact, does not help it to go against the actual state of affairs: in fact, when you open the Chrome window in private mode, a message is displayed that such information as, for example, the history of site visits, site data and cookies, as well as information in the forms to fill out, will not be saved. At the same time, it is specified that the user’s actions will be visible to sites, administrators, and providers.


However, if you click on the “Learn more” link, the user will be informed that this is not all: it will not help the privacy mode if you log in to your account on almost any site, and also that the actions will be visible to the webmasters of the visited sites. And so on through the documentation links, and so on, and so on, and geolocation, and IP address, and advertising, and much more…


The complexity of Google’s explanations, which has already become a byword, plays an important role, as does the understatement and often not even ambiguity, but the multiplicity of their documentation on any occasion.


If earlier companies complained about the lack of specialists of the legislative and judicial authorities who are able to fully master the language of technical instructions of IT technologies, it seems that now this is playing a cruel joke with them – the level of training of their opponents is growing, and so much so that the avalanche of lawsuits against BigTech companies has recently increased many times, as well as the amount of claims and compensation already paid, measured in billions of US dollars.


The paradox of the situation is that Google’s active statements about the privacy of their browser and that they honestly warn users about all important conditions-in fact, turns into a farce understandable for any IT specialist: almost all sites have such services integrated into the structure itself and are clearly extremely necessary for normal functioning – for indexing, promotion, and so on – we are talking about Google Analytics, as well as the management system and statistics in advertising – Google Ad Manager.


And how can we talk about some kind of privacy after that? These are the issues that came to light after several class-action lawsuits totaling about $ 5 billion…

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