With the development of many integrated technological processes in the work of post-technological societies, examples of which can serve as most developed countries, as well as in connection with the creation of programs that can also write programs in a given key, it is time to combine or “information qualitative explosion”, as in evolution – a sharp increase in biological diversity (species and biomass growth) during the emergence of extremely favorable conditions for this.


There are many reasons for this, and the coronavirus pandemic has only spurred these nascent processes in the information community, especially in the circle of various tech-geeks who do not particularly bother to restrict the flight of creative imagination in the complete absence of moral criteria for their activities.


Of course, someone just cashes in on their isolation from reality and some obvious infantilism. But that’s not the point. None of them think about how this will ultimately affect the development of technological thought on a global scale, and what preferences will be chosen for growth at the level of corporations and states, in what direction the legal aspect of regulation will go – that is, these people do not understand that their activities, which are currently successfully scaled, will lead to the ban of digital currency, which is expected by the governments of various countries – as is already beginning to happen in India, and the roots of this problem are in cryptocurrency settlements among cybercriminals…


The time for countering the bureaucratic culture of large corporations has passed, and it is time for organized structures for the redistribution of assets, often mixed with the interests of various law enforcement agencies in different countries, which, masquerading as the interests of hacker groups, receive the data they are interested in, which can then be used in the future for some of their goals.


It is bad that such actions have a very negative impact not only in increasing the overregulation of regulations in information technology, but also in the progress and development of many potentially promising developments.


There are, among other things, expert opinions that, despite the huge investments of both individual companies and government agencies in quantum information systems (computers and communications), the prospects of hacking based on similar technologies frighten society no less than they attract the benefits of their use…


Of course, this is not the whole list – it turns out that without a decision made with the participation of as many people, companies and countries as possible, such tasks will only become more complicated when the consideration of accumulated issues is delayed: that is, if each state takes its own measures, it can disrupt the overall functioning of the global information space, contradicting the others and complicating the already difficult situation.

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