The progressive development of information technologies in recent years allows us to predict the discovery of mathematical algorithms that allow circumventing known encryption techniques: leading researchers in this field talk about not yet discovered, but definitely should be variants of equations, the solution of which lies in the field of both artificial intelligence and quantum systems.


What is beyond the power of modern supercomputers should conquer a new shift – cryptography in the quantum context of application is developing quite successfully, finding practical application both in the financial sphere (for remote authentication within banking corporate structures), and, of course, in the military, in cellular communications and other aspects of application.



The essence of this kind of idea is quite simple: recognition is performed due to the presence of a single subatomic particle located in the identifier device-that is, any interference both in the process of checking its presence and obtaining any information about its state will be immediately tracked and the communication channel will be blocked to prevent compromise.


There is no single locomotive at the moment: there are very large companies that, each in its own way, are developing quantum algorithms, computers and concepts; also, many individual countries have become interested in this area and have begun to open state institutions and sponsor research.

In view of the increasing number of corporate hacks that have actually taken place, giving the most cost-effective hacker groups over the past 3 years to choose from the best specialists available in the world in order to attract them to work on multi-level systems of penetration into corporate networks-such protection is becoming more and more relevant.


The most interesting thing is that neither data encryption in virtual servers, up to the available system memory, nor other cryptography options can help companies that recruit specialists to work with IT departments on a residual basis: the statistics of the last week indicate that even with emergency patches released, cyber fraudsters feel quite calm, since not all companies are updated timely and correctly to the latest security versions of software.


In particular, with the residual option of spending the salary fund of the IT department, it is quite likely that the update will be carried out, but with some restrictions-for a separate increase in salary from fraudsters.


Paradoxically, quantum encryption can minimize the human factor in such situations, which can not fail to interest any sane company managers.

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