The January release of the Microsoft Edge browser pleased its users: a thorough reworking and revision of every important need in terms of memory consumption, total resource load and energy efficiency-all the main issues were not ignored by the developers.



The ability to build browser tabs in a vertical row that appeared more than 10 years ago in Opera, which is all the more popular in our time due to the change in the monitor format (the aspect ratio changed from 3:4 to 19:6 and even more widescreen options), is also implemented in Edge.

However, not all functions are fully used yet: for example, it is not yet possible to freely move (reorder in the order the user needs) tabs in vertical mode, while switching, however, is already done with one click – from horizontal to vertical location.


In addition, the accelerated program startup received automatic performance optimization with the participation of the startup in the background of its process.


Of course, the function can be controversial, especially for those who prefer to keep a lot of tabs for work, as well as with a limited amount of RAM, less than 8 GB.


However, the 41% acceleration of the launch is an achievement, and developers will extract more and more interesting optimization options from Chromium.

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