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Technologies have been developing recently, trampling on all the predictions of analysts, Moore’s laws and other predictive options with their results-so far we do not have such wide opportunities to predict and take into account all the variants of sobitiy.


That is, the development of IT, at this stage, can be compared with climate forecasting-that is, with equal persistence, based on the same facts, to build completely opposite models-from global warming to the second ice age – while slightly modifying the algorithm, and putting mathematical methods at the service of one or another interested in the necessary result structures…


Last year was very indicative of the results of the triumphant March of a virus-ransomware, because of the extremely favorable situation in the world: a pandemic, the transition to remote work, reducing the apparent presence of employees of IT and all the consequences of the previous one – which gave to flourish cybercrime in a completely different scale.

The results have not yet been finalized, not all companies are ready to openly admit the existence of hacking, encryption of corporate data of the company and payment of ransom, plus the costs associated with downtime of production and the restoration of normal activities of companies, but the amounts there will clearly be off – scale-since we are talking about tens of millions of dollars for each decryption key, and so in each hacking.


Microsoft, recognizing the existence of such problems, focused on solving the main tasks related to the main threats and growth trends of such structural attacks, preparing for the preliminary release of the new Windows Server 2022.




All important security aspects in this version are redesigned to the current level of aggressive environment, event monitoring, up to hybrid systems, will be reflected in an improved version of Windows Admin Center, and additional kernel protection is included.


The principle of a secure hardware-isolated operating environment will, among other things, reduce the risk of vulnerabilities in firmware, and enhanced exploit protection at the hardware level will prevent known variants of control interception.

The container protection of applications is also added, which is implemented with the help of advanced settings at the account level.

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