The relationship between users and a popular application is unlikely to change, even when at least one of them takes the trouble to really understand what it really means to transfer data to third parties.


Tik Tok lawyers on Thursday of this week decided that it is better not to start legal claims in the wilds of court hearings, and recommended that the owners of the application accept a pre-trial agreement.



According to its meaning, $ 92 million will be paid, and this amount includes damages for the systematic collection of user data, which included both biometrics and personal, confidential information.

The essence of the claims against Tik Tok, however, is no longer about the collection of data on the territory of the United States of America, but about how this data was used.


In particular, the main question is where and for what purposes this personal data was transferred, and to which third parties are not directly specified in the user agreement of the application.


Interestingly, the amount that Tik Tok will have to pay under the agreement will be used to compensate the user – of course, provided that this procedure and the agreement itself will be finally approved by the court.

That is, in order to avoid long and high-profile court proceedings, TikTok management wisely decided to agree to the lawsuit, while focusing their efforts in the future, according to their representatives, on the positive experience of the application.


In addition, in addition, according to the test of the settlement agreement itself, it will be necessary to develop and implement clear parameters and privacy rules, while training users. How this formulation will be implemented in practice – will show the next development of events.

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