Since the last quarter of the previous year, it became known about the upcoming version of the shell functionality from Microsoft, which is aimed at creating a large-scale update in test mode approximately at the end of February.


This is an update to Sun Valley, which will significantly simplify life and bring a much more streamlined mode in a multitasking environment, provided you work with a lot of information: that is, it will be able to structure virtual desktops on a completely new level, especially if there are two or more monitors, and organize a stable, customizable binding of windows to specific workspaces.


In particular, there should be a function to optimize the size of the window when moving from another table or screen, taking up the maximum free space.

You will also see additional multitasking settings in the control panel.



Testing new features related to the use of two or more screens should also be of interest, according to Microsoft, and owners of laptops with two screens. There can be several options: from versions with screens on both sides of the display to single-screen versions, which at this time, as a rule, are managed using programs from computer equipment manufacturers; and this unification in the management of the workspace should benefit end users.


However, the list of innovations in Sun Valley is not limited to optimizing workspaces: the next step is to optimize the Start button, File Explorer, and additional elements for monitoring the status of the webcam.


The release date of the update is still unknown, probably everything will depend on the success of testing and the speed of making the necessary adjustments.

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