The whole complex technological nuances and the irrepressible desire of the company to stay on the cutting edge of technology, culminated in the triumphant March of production and sales of the iPhone 12 – Apple returned to the winner’s title for the recognition of customers in the world in the last quarter of last year.



However, the main competitor, Samsung (with sales of 62.1 million units), remained the main global sales engine for the year, and the main intrigue this year is how events will develop in the marketing wars in the global global smartphone sales market, given the overall decline compared to the year before last by 5.4%, which amounted to 384.6 million units.


The main companies fighting for the first place are followed by a tight bunch of Chinese companies breathing down each other’s necks (according to the results of the 4th quarter of last year): Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei, respectively, 43.4 million, 34.4 million and 34.3 million…

Of course, everyone is well aware that many of the figures were more related to the difficulties of production and sales during the pandemic, as well as some political decisions in various geopolitical confrontations – for example, the situation with Huawei very clearly showed how it is possible to reduce the company’s performance by sanctions: for example, last year sales fell by 41.1%, and also, to optimize the structure, it was necessary to make a difficult decision about the planned reduction of production capacity and the sale of one of its brands – Honor.


At the same time, in connection with the entry into the arena of 5G technology, despite the general, relatively small, decline in demand, products with such capabilities gave marketers a chance to arouse additional interest among buyers in the world, which significantly eased the situation for manufacturers.


And as for the two undisputed leaders, Apple and Samsung, the figures speak for themselves: last year, sales amounted to 253 and 199 million, respectively, and growth indicators – a decrease of 14.6% and an increase of 3.3%…

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