Last year, among other things, quite boring, against the background of all the unusual events in the world, almost ignored the fact of the 25th anniversary of Java technology, which, despite its rather impressive age and track record of participating in the development and maintenance of many necessary systems in modern IT, is not even going to retire.



And there are several reasons for this. First of all, because Java is not only a program execution environment (platform), but also a language, and again-and not only.


In addition, few platforms can boast of such a large number of developers – Java currently has more than 10 million people.

Since the launch of the Java standard itself, namely since 1998, a titanic work has been done: tens of tens of thousands of libraries have appeared, and in total, programmers have typed billions of lines…


The value of the Java support market at this time is more than two and a half billion dollars, and the trends are only growing.


Oracle, the beneficiary company of the platform, decided to introduce regular updates to the platform on a paid basis from 2019, which somewhat changed the structure of interaction with the market.


However, it is worth noting that, due to the large number of companies that develop libraries and services, as well as the demand for technology, little has changed for end users.


By the way, code support in the latest processor models, up to M1 and M1X, is performed with ease, and the main task of the developers is to develop the platform in terms of reducing the amount of code to speed up data processing and reduce the memory occupied in the process.

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