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Last year, contrary to many forecasts issued during the first quarter, significantly increased the volume of data transmitted globally: at peak loads, network capacity increased to almost 300 TBit/s, with an increase in possible throughput from 450 to 600 Tbit / s, that is, by about 35%.


International traffic exchange has increased more than one and a half times – 47% instead of the annual average for the last few years-30% annually, despite the expected 25-27% due to the pandemic.


The leaders in the growth of network capacity were European centers: Frankfurt and Amsterdam with traffic indicators at a peak of about 7 Tbit/s.


Thus, remote work and video communication generated one and a half times the volume of Internet traffic in the pandemic. However, with the growth of the potential of 5G networks and the beginning of the development of newer standards, the number of distribution stations increased relatively very slightly, which was also due to the limitations in the operating mode during the pandemic.


However, the growth of traffic consumption by cloud infrastructures, taking into account the increased both bandwidth and memory speed of systems and the mass launch of the cluster direction in recent years, also contributed to the increase in data exchange.


The consumption forecast suggests that the decline is not expected in the near future, due to the already familiar video services with increased broadcast quality, up to 4K, as well as the requirements not only for connecting company employees to the corporate workplace, but also for sharing with integrated cloud services.

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