All the time since 2010, Apple has focused on the security of its mobile devices, its computers in this context have remained in the shadows.


This has only changed most recently, following this Thursday’s update of its platform security data on the company’s website.


Almost all the changes are related to the release of the new M1 processor, as well as in anticipation of the launch of its older modification M1X, designed for Mac computers.


That is, all those security technologies that have long been implemented in mobile products were able to get their working version only at the level of standardization in relation to device chips, namely, starting with the M1 processor and its older versions.


This applies to technology such as data encryption, encryption in iMessage, the presence of TouchID on the level of the chip, M1, these necessary security components will be able to Express themselves fully and comprehensively, combining the protection and software, and microcomponent solutions company not only for its intended purpose, but also in the applied values – exchanging data with mobile devices and IoT systems.


In addition, taking into account the additional performance that users of the new M1X processors will have – that is, it will be at the level of solutions from AMD and Intel in decent configurations – the question of expanding the use of the Mac becomes more relevant due to its familiar advantages to users of the same iPhone (according to CPU-Monkeys):


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