With the release of a new line of Apple computers on the M1 processor, it turned out that they became popular not only among users, but also, accordingly, cybercriminals.


They must have drawn conclusions about the viability of citizens and companies, which in this difficult time, I was able to seek financial resources to apirat its computer equipment to the new Apple that certainly got their attention at the level of the attacked target segment.



Such an ARM processor as the M1, of course, has quite impressive means of additional protection, up to the built-in security modules. However, it can also be noted that the hackers worked at a very high level, and were able to find a gap in the intricacy of the array of security systems created by Apple engineers.


Thus, security experts, in particular, Patrick Wordle, reported on the first generation of such a virus as a modification of the previously blocked Pirrit, a specific Trojan running in GoSearch22, which substituted a browser extension for Safari, transmitting information about the client and launching the display of additional ads.

It is extremely important that the standard tools do not yet detect this virus, and even the censorship of the App Store for Mac computers did not find anything suspicious in it and missed it for installation for mass installation on computers.


The company, after the expert’s report and conducting its own emergency check, hastily revoked the certificate from the developer of the extension, but analysts say that the line of such viruses will definitely expand in the near future.


The paradox also lies in the fact that on previous Apple models there is no technological possibility to launch such a virus due to fundamental differences in the platform on Intel processors.


How many computers received the malicious extension and what further actions of the company-there is no information yet, officially Apple has not yet commented on the incident.

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