Thus, more than a dozen cities in the United States will not use the face recognition of their citizens with the help of computer technology. This number includes cities such as Boston, San Francisco, and others.


The dissatisfaction of citizens expressed through members of city councils is manifested, on the one hand, in the violation of basic constitutional confidentiality – that is, it means that when face recognition systems are introduced, filming is carried out without obtaining explicit consent in the framework of automatic monitoring in the process of computer scanning of the observation space.


With regard to the invasion of privacy, the city councils of cities that have introduced bans on face recognition express their wishes to regulate the use of such technologies, which at this time cannot yet be used in everyday life due to too large an error in determining the final result, which has already led to various incidents.


In addition, the uneven technological support and the lack of a common technological standard for the operation of such systems leads to additional unjustified costs from the budgets of cities.


Despite China’s clearly positive experience in launching and interacting with such systems, we should not forget about the fundamental difference in recognition algorithms, the speed of their work and the resources required to ensure the clarity of facial recognition.


In General, the world has not yet developed a uniform standard for recognition; for example, best of all is face detection white middle-aged men – because customers algorithms such systems were primarily from Europe, and therefore the processing and excretion of such algorithms with the help of artificial intelligence, of course, was in these first orders.


A new requirement for better recognition is a much higher sensitivity of surveillance cameras to light and image depth, that is, the introduction of several additional parameters in the algorithm’s operating conditions, which exponentially complicates the algorithm’s work when determining, for example, as was pointed out by members of the same Minneapolis City Council, women of color – which in the current version of the work gives “unacceptable failures”.

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