The development of an absolutely progressive shell for Android, based on many years of research by the company’s employees, was a landmark message for those who were looking forward to updating to the latest version of this operating system.


The company has not made such large-scale changes for quite a long time, more than seven years. The concept of Material Design (which appeared with version 5 of Android) will be radically redesigned, taking into account the data obtained after processing arrays of statistical data and suggestions from both users and developers of various shells, who also revealed their interests and inclinations when creating certain design options.


The release of a new shell called Material Design Next may be scheduled for the second half of the year, with a preliminary release scheduled for April 2021.


XDA Developers sees the new concept something like this:


In addition, the function of the one-hand operation mode will be fixed; by the way, it has long been implemented in the shells from Asus, starting even with the 6 version of Android, and the proprietary shell from Xiaomi-MIUI:



Also, in addition to the peak level optimizations 2020 – iOS and Android – race convenient implementation of the video mode in the picture; in the new version of Google can be moved up to 2/3 of the window beyond the screen, freeing up space for interaction with the main application (the 11th version of this would lead to the closure of the broadcast).


And color options:

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