Monopolists-tech giants, according to the decision of the Government of the People’s Republic of China, are limited in terms of the volume of market sectors.


China’s state structures, which are responsible for regulating antitrust conditions in the administration of the Government of the Republic of China, have introduced additional restrictions for BigTech giants.



The newly adopted framework for them means a regime of stricter regulation of their activities, especially in terms of the established commercial practices of monopolies in this area.

The basis for this is the main property of digital technologies, namely the explosive replicability (scalability) of business with almost no costs, when compared with other types of economy, for example, mining or shipbuilding.


That is, with a well-established business scheme in the field of Internet technologies, electronic services and services, a thousand-fold or more increase in fixed capital is possible due to a massive influx of customers and minimal investment in maintaining the necessary infrastructure.


In addition, the unpredictable nature of growth of such companies may be predictable instability as the digital services market, and its destabilizing impact on the rest of the economy due to the unscheduled mass distribution of funds: where will investors invest in more profitable, growing assets or long term, is required for stability of the projects?


Especially dangerous are cartel price collusions between major players in the digital services market, inflating the already overvalued value of Internet companies around the world – that is, it threatens the second, after the example of the collapse of the mortgage real estate market in the United States, a bubble, only at the level of the global economy…

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