Over the past few days, the largest social networks have conducted a joint operation to neutralize buyers and sellers of stolen accounts. This was similar to the resellers own actions, only this time the trolling was carried out not by them, but directly by Facebook security specialists (with subsidiaries), as well as by Tik-Tok: criminals were blocked and their accounts were deleted, even if there were several hundred thousand subscribers…


It is not known how shocked they were by this treatment of their digital profiles – the habit of staying in the shadows and taking such liberties only with other people has certainly broken the pattern of blackmailers, and it is now unclear how long such a shadowy industry will recover from the blow.


The purchase of such goods as an account in a social network, for many scammers recently was quite a profitable business-otherwise, of course, no one would have done it. A separate interesting question is the presence of constant demand, that is, if they were not needed – no one would buy them. But there was a demand, and this is a topic for a separate conversation – namely, the ethical part of online business, when people try to compensate for the lack of knowledge in economics and marketing by illegal methods.

However, if the owners of social networks stop at this-definitely, it will not end in anything useful. This will only lead to some confusion in the market for the sale of stolen accounts for a while, then-their prices will rise, due to high prices, data backup will be created in the near future – and everything will start again, only at a higher level… That is, the task should not be solved at the level of war and pinpoint strikes, but by creating a system when such actions are either impossible or simply unprofitable. Something to think about…


As it turned out, they are particularly valuable for short account names or those that are consonant with the names of companies or famous people, their cost can reach up to several thousand US dollars.


Of course, this is not the first such action, the only difference is how public it has become.


In general, cybersecurity experts recommend the introduction of double authentication – in the case when a SIM card substitution is used for hacking, the responsibility is much stricter, but there is a possibility of increasing risks from the weakest link of mobile operators (as, however, as practice shows, and contractors of social networks) – namely, company employees…

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