Recently, preparations for the commercial operation of the Dunant fiber-optic communication from the coast of the United States to France were completed. The cable runs along the ocean floor from the American point of Virginia Beach to the receiving station, located on the Atlantic coast of France.



The main partner in the design and implementation of this system was Google’s partner, SubCom; the installation of ground stations on the American side was made by Telxius, on the French coast – by a well-known operator, Orange.


Technical innovations in the implementation of such a project as Dunant are, first of all, increased throughput characteristics due to channel separation and, secondly, the introduction of twelve-pair multiplexing. Also, in the implementation of this large-scale project, unique signal repeaters were used to optimize their power.

In addition, Google, in collaboration with Facebook, is working on a plan for another project-the Pacific Light Cable Network, to implement such a task as connecting continents with island groups along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, according to the original idea-from the United States to Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines. Nevertheless, the policy made its own adjustments and changed the plans of the companies in this way: as a result, the route of laying was revised – Hong Kong was excluded from it…


However, this cable is about 13,000 km long (instead of the original plan with coverage of Hong Kong and 13,900 km) will be brought to ground stations located in the Philippines and Taiwan.


In the meantime, fiber-optic backbone networks look like this in the diagram:

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