The much anticipated user interface optimization Android TV suddenly turned into overhauled interface, which began to resemble the familiar and the comfortable look of the app on Google TV, widespread as TVs and a separate USB device that transforms almost any gadget with a large enough screen and USB port-the port into a full-fledged SMART TV.


This update from Android TV is already being distributed to Google Apps users.


Information about this app update has been online for several months, and finally it came out in the Google store.


The new Android TV has a thoroughly redesigned user interface, which looks as close as possible to Google TV.

The Chromecast media player, which is part of Android TV, has also been updated. An interesting situation is that such a shell as Google TV has become more popular in terms of its user practical characteristics and likes than the parent application Android TV.


In Android TV itself, there is less freedom and intuitive order for users, and Google TV, in this case, was a very successful interface-optimizing addition.

In the standard Android TV app, there are fewer conditions for comfortable work. With such important changes, the demand for user-friendly interfaces is growing.


In the near future, the updated app will be available to users, primarily in the United States, Canada and Australia.


In Europe, users in Germany and France will be the first to download it, and within a month it will spread to the rest of the world.

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